I’ve Been Brainwashed!

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It feels awesome just to let that fresh, clear, sparkling water wash through every groove of my brain, taking with it all of my negative thoughts. (Relax and use your imagination to picture this for a few minutes, feeling the fresh water as it flows through your brain.)

A little deeper cleaning with my handy toothbrush disassembles networks of wrong beliefs and debilitating thought patterns. (You might even say, “There goes the belief that ‘No one cares about me,’ or other negative beliefs you have held for too long.)

Insecurities that have plagued me since childhood are dislodged from their crevices by using a tiny screwdriver. Then a refreshing spray rinses those insecure thoughts away. I release a satisfying sigh of relief at being free of this debris once and for all.

At the conclusion of this “brainwashing” session, peace prevails. I am free from the feelings associated with any bad things that have happened over the years. I have found my way back to the peace of God! This is simply a fresh way to allow God to work in our hearts and minds. He washes us, cleanses us, refreshes us. He has blessed us with our imaginations so that we can allow Him to renew our minds transforming us into His image.

The concept of “brainwashing” was explained to me by Rocky, my oldest. He started talking about it one night in the jacuzzi, and I thought I knew where he was going with it. I had used a positive form of “brainwashing” by repeating beliefs I wanted to adopt such as “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This kind of “brainwashing was an effort to implant the new belief in my brain and rid myself of old beliefs such as “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t do this or that.” Rocky’s concept of brainwashing was fresh and new and surprisingly effective at restoring a sense of peace and well being.  He recommends doing this for a few minutes each night or morning and throughout the day as needed.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the blessing of being “brainwashed.”



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2 Responses

  1. Linda Fode

    You hit it,out of the park with this post. The brainwashed idea got my attention . I just had to keep reading. Once again your creativity is amazing. Going to get my ‘ toothbrush’ right now. Think I’ll let God make me clean & shiny today.

  2. Haha! Wonderful!!!!!

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