Be Light Today!

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This morning while praying for my family, I had a picture of a giant flood light that God Himself directed into each of our minds: Rocky, Nick, Jay, Taylor, Emmerson, Larry and I. I prayed that His light would shine upon us so that we would clearly see life His way. We would have His wisdom and direction for each situation. As I prayed I saw that as we had that Light to guide us, we would be lighthearted. We would not have heavy burdens to bear or troubles weighing us down. We could see clearly what to do and how to view our daily lives from His perspective

I was astounded to see the relationship between having the Light shining into our thinking and living and being Light-hearted. It put a whole new meaning to the word. Again there’s that lightness that allows us to float above our circumstances. When His light is shining upon us, our hearts are lighter. His light shines through us with the joy that we have in our “lightness.” Who will benefit from this? Everyone He brings across our path!

For those of you who faithfully read Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, you may have noticed the reference to lightheartedness in the July 7 reading. Here it is in context:

Reject negative or sinful thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. Don’t try to hide them from Me; confess them and leave them with Me. Go on your way lightheartedly.

We can direct His Light to our negative and sinful thoughts, confess them and leave them with Him. Then we go on our way lightheartedly. We have no burden to bear. We’ve given it to Him.

Three words full of Life and Light: Be Light Today!

On a side note, I can count 7 blessings that came to our family today, and I haven’t even heard from everyone yet.

Be Light and let us know the blessings that come your way!






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