Let It Go!

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People do things wrong. Churches do. Government leaders do. Moms do. People we work for do. Maybe even sometimes you do. When someone “wrongs” us, we don’t have to get upset. One of the  most important lessons I have learned over the years is to let it go.

My first experience in learning this involved work. It’s been years now, about four probably. I got my work schedule, but something was “wrong.” I had been blessed with the same certain schedule that had worked well for me for many months and all of a sudden it was different, and I felt shorted. I thought I was in danger of losing hundreds of dollars because of this change. I was extremely upset, to say the least. My good friend and supervisor told me “It would be all right.” It wasn’t all right with me. I stewed about it, going over and over the injustice of it all.

I lost money that weekend, possibly hundreds of dollars. On Monday, my friend had a simple conversation and the matter was put to right. Yet I lost money. Who’s fault? Mine alone.

That one lesson stayed with me over the next years. I have had opportunity to be upset for sure as things have not always gone my way, but the lesson learned was that I lost more money over being upset than in the change that I thought would cost me money. It is embarrassing to admit this here, but it is the truth. It is a truth that you lose more by having the wrong heart about something than you lose from the situation itself.

A wise man once said, “Things are never as bad as they seem. . .or as good as they seem.” Optimist that I am, I do think things are often better than they seem or better than you realize, but I wholeheartedly agree that few things turn out to be as bad as they seem.

If we can learn to keep our peace when potentially upsetting events occur, we will ride it out and win every time! When our heart is right, things will turn out right. Keeping a happy heart shows our trust in God that He can handle our troubles and challenges, and we can rest in Him and keep smiling! I don’t have this all right yet by any means, but let’s keep trying to let it go.

Have you thought of times when you had the choice to be upset or let it go? Please add your thoughts in the comments! By being aware of potential opportunities, we’ll be ready to let it go!



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  1. Not to mention, if we are kind to our enemies the Bible tells us it will be like “heaping coals of fire upon their heads”.

  2. This was a timely message for me.

  3. Great words – thank you..

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