I Beat the Green-Eyed Monster!

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What do you do if you are having negative feelings because someone is doing better than you?  Or what do you do if someone has something you wish you had?  I found out the answer last week as I was driving home from North Carolina. I rarely do this, but I was surfing through the FM channels hoping for something to sing along with. What I found was an answer to this question even before I knew the question.

I happened upon a message being preached about the Genesis brothers, Cain and Abel. The minister declared a truth I had never heard before. He said,

“Jealousy is simply a corrupt version of admiration.”

He told of how jealous he had once gotten of a pastor who had a larger, more extravagant building than he had. The Lord really dealt with him about it. He was miserable and angry at himself for feeling this way. After he begged God for the cure for his jealousy, he said the Lord told him to give $1000 to a ministry every time he got jealous. He then realized he couldn’t afford to be jealous any more. He came upon the revelation that “Jealousy is simply a corrupt version of admiration,” and by learning to express the admiration, he found he was free of jealousy.

I am thankful I wasn’t asked to give a $1000 away every time I got jealous, but I did hear the truth that night. I had no idea I would have an opportunity to test it the very next day.

I have had a measure of success in the past five years with my company and feel fairly confident that I am pretty good at what I do. I am a marketing representative and had the opportunity on this day in question to work with a new person. As I worked side by side with this gentlemen, I observed his interactions with the guest in front of him. I said to myself, “This guy is terrible!” I was looking forward to “helping” him when he finished by giving him a few tips since he was so new at this. As he finally wrapped up his presentation, no one was more surprised than I was to realize he had gotten the desired results. After he accomplished the same results a second time to my 0 score for the night, I was ready to call it a night. He did everything wrong, (in my opinion) and it turned out right.

The negative feelings began to spiral downhill and all the happy thoughts I had been having dissipated. Then I remembered the minister’s definition of jealousy. I had already been meditating on “What would Love do?” and when you put the two truths together, there was nothing to do but express admiration for what my co-worker had done. When I told him how great he had done, he beamed.  It was nothing short of amazing to see how quickly my jealous feelings fled when handled this way. From now on, I am expressing  admiration before it can be corrupted into feelings of jealousy. That way everyone wins, and that’s what Love does!


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  1. That was very thought provoking!

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