Rewind the Tape For A Fresh Start

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If you have been keeping up with me in “Nick’s 7 Day Challenge,” you will be happy to know that we have safely made it to Day 18. There are now 59 documents remaining to be edited, revised, published or trashed. Twenty have found their way to the “trash” already and I am dedicated to ruthlessly sifting through the rest to bring you only the ones that I think merit your attention. Thanks for staying with me through the Challenge! I hope you are enjoying the adventure half as much as I am.

The one we are publishing tonight is another one for building a lasting, loving relationship. It also works when you want to rid yourself of the negative emotional attachment to anything that you might have done personally or that might have happened to you. We simply don’t have to let negative events, conflicts or even conversations have a lasting negative effect on us. God is able to restore, renew, and rebuild. Prayerfully consider using this technique the next time you want or need a fresh start.

When we have had a conflict with someone we love, it is often possible and advisable to “rewind the tape” together. Early in our marriage, Larry and I learned to do this. We would sometimes carry on a disagreement to a place where unpleasant feelings resulted. Once it was resolved, as it always was, we followed these three steps which got us back on the right track without any emotional residue.

  1. Think back to the last thing that was said before the unpleasantness started.
  2. Mentally rewind the tape back to that point.
  3. Imagine cutting the tape at that point and then cut it again at the other end right where the conflict was resolved when love, understanding and kindness returned.
  4. Splice the tape together and push play. (Of course, we were using imaginary cassette players, popular at that time.)

This little technique called “rewind the tape” served us well as we soon learned to settle things agreeably much more quickly and once it was done, it was done.

So don’t despair when you “mess up.” Just rewind the tape, splice it together and get a fresh start.

Today’s Verse : Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down on your wrath. Ephesians 4:26

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