Shingles Happened

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You think you have an earache, you take Excedrin, and you feel better for a while. The next day you notice you have a fever blister and other bumps around your chin. You are becoming miserable. You are away from home visiting your mom and hoping to get some things done for her. You realize if that is going to be possible, you had better find out what is going on.

At your mom’s suggestion you go to the “Minute Clinic” at CVS. You are diagnosed with an outer ear infection and a middle ear infection, a fever blister, and miscellaneous bumps including on your tongue that are probably related to the cold sore. So you find that you have at least three unrelated infirmities. You are given three kinds of medicine. You go back to your mom’s, happy that you know what it is, and it has been treated.

The next day you find that you are still miserable, and the bumps on your face are increasing in number. You go back to the “Minute Clinic,” which takes 142 minutes from sign-in to check-in, and the nice NP (nurse practitioner) asks why you are there when you were there yesterday. You say, “Well, I can leave if you like,” then together you discuss why you are there. She finally sends a picture of your face to a doctor across town, and he tells her what he thinks it is before seeing the picture. She writes up a prescription, and then receives a call back from him after he has seen the picture, and he says he thinks it is (drum roll here) SHINGLES. She writes a different prescription. You give her another $20, pay for your prescription and run out of CVS.

Before you are barely out of the door, you go online to read everything you can find out about SHINGLES. You hear words like “horrid,” “excruciating,” “lasting weeks or sometimes months,” “worst pain since childbirth,” “12 on a pain scale of 1 to 10.” You see pictures online that make you cringe. “Blistering, scabbing, possible scarring.”

Woman of faith that you are, you know you have a light case, and it was after all caught early with anti-viral medicine given for treatment. There will be no blistering, scabbing, or scarring.The bumps will simply fade away. You hear in your spirit, “It will last five days.” Yet there is the nagging questions about what will happen the next day. Will the pain which currently is about a 2 or 3 on a 10 point scale go to 12 or higher. Will the horrid scabs prevent you from working for the next 7 weeks?

Today is the fifth day. The bumps are all but totally faded. There are no blisters, unless they are in the ear where you can’t see them. There will be no scabbing or scarring. The last pain you felt was about 2:00 pm today. You are completely pain-free as you write.

You had some interesting times over the past 3 days. You had some wonderful naps. You even went to work the day after the diagnosis, even though you went home after the first hour when you realized you could barely hold your head up. You spent a lot of time praying.

You started cooperating with God when the pain started on Wednesday when you chose to speak health and healing over yourself. You started drawing closer to God when you started thinking of everyone you could pray for and everything you could pray about.

You now see that God had a plan in this. Does this mess with your life belief that God never lets bad things happen to His people. Yes, it actually does mess with that belief because in this you can see God making some very important adjustments.

To start with He reminded you that you were the one that allowed your immune system to break down by working too many long hours. You were pushing  your body beyond its limits to “make up for” having missed out on some opportunities in June that were out of your control.

The most important adjustment came when you started trying to get in as many 10 minute prayer sessions in a day and ended up praying more than you have in a long time.You feel like you are setting a new baseline for spending time with the Lord.

Your faith has taken a major upswing, and you plan to protect that above all else. You feel like you are living in the Presence of God once again all because you are giving Him more time and attention, all because He got your attention.




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  1. Praying for a quick recovery. My dad is also battling this. Love you!

  2. Anonymous

    We have been praying for you, so happy to hear that you are pain free. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Sharon.
    My daughter-in-law is battling her third reoccurence this year. She seems to have beaten the odds on getting it relatively young and so many times. They have put her on 4 meds now, one that she has to take for an entire year.
    There is spiritual wisdom on your post that I will share with her. Praying that you fully recover as you let God handle your pressures and your immune system.

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