Jay’s Journey Challenge and the Empty Nest

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Will the Empty Nest occur?

“Yes, eventually, it will. But as is His Way, God will provide the grace available to add a few more feathers to the nest to make it more comfortable, and we will be just fine. I may not be fine this exact moment in time, but in a minute I will be and ever so thankful that God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and three fine sons, a beautiful, loving daughter-in-law and precious grandchild. We are truly blessed.”

What you have just read is a quote from “And Away He Goes,” a post I published on August 31, 2013. You might have fun reading about my experience through the night as my last born left home and country for a two month stay in Germany. But today the real thing happened.

Today Rocky and Jay departed on a 2981 mile trek across the country toward Jay’s destination: Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California. There is no question in our minds that this is exactly where he is suppose to be. He is expecting divine encounters with God, growing, learning, and thriving in all that God has for him. He will be a part of a community of over one thousand students who all want to experience God on higher levels and become better equipped to serve Him, each in their unique way. It is going to be incredibly amazing for him, but he’ll not be returning to life as we knew it, and that’s wonderful!

Tonight I start Jay’s Journey Challenge, a seven day challenge designed to keep me busy while adjusting to what has finally occurred: the Empty Nest! I plan to pick up where I left off after “You Need a Break” and “Shingles Happened,” and I will continue going through my 55 remaining drafts and getting those trashed, revised, or published.

After this initial transition time, I have the pleasure of “adding a few more feathers to the nest,” focusing on Larry and experiencing new adventures with him. Along with hand holding, foot rubs, walks, taking advantage of our season passes to the Sky Wheel, and vacations, my plans include a lot of writing, publishing, organizing, exercising, and praying. And Larry and I really want to take time to get to know our friends better and make new friends as well. We all really do need each other in this world.

When our children start out on new adventures, we can do no less than cheer them on! God’s challenges and blessings await them, and we will be among those who shout the loudest at their accomplishments!

Here’s Jay at Fresh Brewed in Myrtle Beach on August 22, 2015 as family and friends experienced “Sounds of Jay” at his going away party.

Jay, Nick, and Larry playing a little Bluegrass.

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By the way, you might like to read Jay’s blog about his “Journey” and here’s Allie’s blog, “Step by Step.”

Here’s a quote from “Journey.” Notice that Jay’s concern is for God to take care of his family.

“What I have had to learn is that only God can truly take care of my family, and I must let Him do that. I am going to miss them but God is doing something in their lives also.”

He’s setting out on an adventure that only God knows where it leads. We’re excited for him. Prayers will be appreciated!

As I say good night, our travelers are approaching Knoxville, Tennessee, 411 miles from home with 2570 remaining. And away we go. . .

Tomorrow night, the Challenge continues.

Prayers for Jay and Allie by our dear friends and loving pastors

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  1. Anonymous

    Love it! Brought tears to my eyes. Cheering Jay on!

  2. Anonymous

    So proud of Jay!

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for the update.

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  5. Anonymous

    It’s going to be an exciting year for the family!

  6. Anonymous

    This is so lovely. Maury always loved reading your writings. He always said you needed to write a book and publish those lovely words, sentences and paragraphs of yours. You really have a gift for writing and expressing yourself in ways that grab people’s hearts.

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