Jay’s Journey and Almost There

Rocky and Jay covered 557 miles today and will arrive in Redding tomorrow after about a 3 and a half hour drive of 198 miles! They’re almost there!


Traveling from Provo, Utah past the Utah Lake, through Salt Lake City, today the guys discovered Bonneville Salt Flats just before crossing over into Nevada. Looks like snow, but it’s salt, tons of salt laid out across 30,000 acres of land! There are no speed limits, and vehicles can drive across the flats any time, Of course our travelers had to try it at 65 mph (that’s as fast as the jeep would go, fortunately.)

These adventurers of ours have kept moving forward consistently over the past six days. They didn’t take many side roads or detours. They moved forward and kept their eye on the destination. From what I could tell, they enjoyed every site, scene, and experience along the way and took each day as it came. That’s three principles I want to grasp in my life:

  1. Move forward.
  2. Keep my eye on the destination.
  3. Enjoy what the day brings.

GetAttachment (2)Jay wrote more about his journey in his blog “Searching Still.” He talks about his journey to accept himself as God does. Perhaps no one knows better than Larry and I how far he has come in accomplishing this. In his writing, Jay encourages each one of us to realize how much God loves us. As Jay says, nothing is more important than this!

As you can see by clicking on this map, they are almost there. You, too are almost there. You are almost ready to accept that God loves you just the way you are. He has a destination that you may not even know about yet, but you’re already well on your way, and many of you are almost there.


I found this quote in some notes I had saved from over a year and a half ago and it’s my thought for today. It’s from Kristi who blogs at “Angels, Pirate, and Thieves.”You’d really enjoy reading about life with her three sons.

For your week… may you be encouraged in the quiet moments of your days.  May you be someone’s needed smile at just the right time.  May you be the kind words that need to be heard.  And may you be the stillness and reflection of God’s amazing love to those you meet.

Happy Travels!

Jay’s Journey and the Sleepy Mother

Today our travelers made their way from Denver, Colorado to Provo, Utah, covering 483 miles in approximately 12 hours. The weary travelers finally found a place to rest their heads about an hour and a half from Salt Lake City. Since leaving home, they have logged in 2222 miles and have 755 more miles to go. Today they discovered the majestic beauty of the Colorado terrain!


This is the fifth night of the Jordan Adventure Across America. This mother feels as if she is on a journey herself and the scope of that journey will be revealed later. I have my mind and heart in two places this week, moving west while standing in the east, and it is quite strenuous, yet invigorating at the same time. You might have noticed I didn’t publish anything last night as I was simply too sleepy! Because the mother is extremely sleepy once again, she will leave you with a quote to think upon as you travel your road today..

“God loves each of us as if there were only one of us”- Augustine