Day 2: Gratefulness

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God is able to take the worst of it and make the best of it.

Today’s To Do List

  1. Check Day One post  for “31 Days to Publish My Book” one more time.
  2. Publish it.
  3. Link it to 31 Dayers.
  4. Read other 31 Day Blogs for inspiration.
  5. Encourage others.
  6. Ask Questions
  7. Order my friend, Joe’s book.
  8. Live life.
  9. Pray.
  10. Continue choosing posts to be included.
  11. Continue editing posts to be included.
  12. Work on Day 2 post for “31 Days to Publish My Book.”
  13. Pray.
  14. Dream.

Here’s how the day went:

One of the first things I did this morning was to rush to my computer to take one last glimpse of my Day One and push the publish button. Then I zipped over to the 31 Days to Write and linked to it. It’s a pretty amazing concept that just with a couple of clicks my “button” appeared as #202 in a list that now reaches 312 in one of 9 categories. You’ll find me in “Faith and Inspiration,” among friends. Through this link up and through our Facebook group, we read each others posts, comment, and encourage one another. Here’s my favorite from today’s reading: 31 Days of Healing written by Melanie at Musings and Meanderings. I found her story at Paths to Peace: Overcoming AbuseHaving read part of her story has propelled me into a solemn sense of gratefulness for life, for the cleansing Jesus provides, and for the truth that triumph can come from even the most horrendous adversity. God is able to take the worst of it and make the best of it.

Item 6 was happily checked off when I emailed my friend, Anne. I met Anne when I first joined Tribe Writers, an online course that I enrolled in in November, 2013. She was a mentor at the time, always willing to offer advice and encouragement, and I found her equally willing to help today when I asked her some important questions. Anne has published ten books, and I have read two of them. I highly recommend her book, Broken, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Next, I ordered my friend, Joe’s book, “30 Days to a More Powerful Life.” Joe was the first blogger I ever followed. His message resonated with me because he has taken truths that the secular world embraced such as visualization and affirmation and presented them from a Christian perspective. He articulates truths that I believe come straight from the Word of God and puts them into practical principles of success that when practiced properly honor God and produce desired results. I wanted to get the look and feel of a published book like Joe’s because, well, that’s my dream.

Having completed the first 7 items on my To Do list, I continued my day in an attitude of gratefulness. Interestingly enough, #8, “Live life” turned out to be my greatest challenge today. I spent 3 hours researching steps to take when a wallet with personal ID is stolen. Yes, this happened today to one of my sons. Again gratefulness and peace prevailed. We have never had anything like this happen in our family before. For that, I am grateful. Very little money was taken that won’t be returned when the bank and credit cards finish processing, and once again I am reminded that God is able to

Take the worst of it and make the best of it.

Finally late in the afternoon, I sat down at my computer, reviewed my To Do list, and got up to complete #9 which is:


Because I can easily be distracted, I set my timer for 10 minutes. I walked through my house praying. Moving keeps me from being distracted or taking a nap. Along my walk, I picked up a book that is about the size I think my book might be. I carried it, and I prayed for wisdom, guidance, direction, inspiration, and I thanked God for my dream being still alive. The timer beckoned to be turned off, and I sat down to finish my list. I have chosen 12 posts to be used in the book, and I did some revisions on those.

I lived some life by going out to dinner, and spending time with my oldest son and my husband. I enjoyed time in the jacuzzi talking about life and dreams. After checking off item # 12 with the conclusion of this post, I have two items left on the list. In Day 3 you will hear more about the importance of these 2 in fulfilling your heart’s desire. Join me now as I take some time to:

Pray and Dream

Living life was good today in spite of the adversity we faced. I could sense the life of God flowing in our family through gratefulness for His blessings, His wisdom, His protection, and His love. This walking on water is going well so far! Stay with me!

By the way, I don’t plan to give you such a detailed play by play every day. On Day 3, I’ll share the answers to the questions I asked Anne. They got me so excited!

I hope you’re beginning to think about your dream. You can do it!

What are you grateful for?



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