Day 3: Create Space


“I have done ten books so far and the cost has been zero.”

This is the sentence that my friend, Anne emailed to me in answer to my question, “How much will it cost me to publish my book? When I began my research toward publication, I had not counted the cost at first. It had not occurred to me that it could be costly to publish, but I began to wonder if I had been naive. I was already hearing reasons why this could not be done, and “It costs too much!” was added to the list.

When Anne emailed me the answer to my question I knew I was on the right track. More research into CreateSpace revealed that this was most likely the way to go so I took the advised step.

I created my CreateSpace account!

The best part was they wanted my tax information so they could send a report of MY EARNINGS to the IRS! Earnings? How exciting!

What is CreateSpace? Their logo is “Publish Your Words, Your Way.” They provide the tools and services needed to publish your book and make it available to “millions.”

Here are the Practical Steps toward publication we have so far:

1. Write your book.

2. Prepare your content.

3. Begin revisions.

4. Ask questions.

5. Get a CreateSpace account.

On Day 2, as you may recall, I presented a lengthy narrative of my To Do List and how it played out on the second day. On that list, I alluded to two vitally important steps we must all take if our dream is going to come true. We’ll add more to this list as we go, and we’ll call this list:

Vital Steps.

1. Define your dream.

2. Pray over your dream.

Why are these steps so vital?

We have to actually Create Space in our lives for our dreams to come true.

We can be so busy with daily life and doing nothing that we give little thought and even less prayer to what God has actually placed within us that is our purpose, our destiny, His dream for us. We must define our dream and pray over our dream to create space in our lives to actually accomplish what He wants us to accomplish.

What is your dream? Do you have a dream that you have had all of your life that you know you are supposed to accomplish? Or do you have a strong desire that has developed more recently? You can’t go wrong by taking time to think about those things that you really want to have, do or become. Prayerfully consider what God has placed in your heart.

Define your dream.

Pray over your dream.

Blessings to you as you dream and pray your way to success!