Day 4: Wake Up , Dream!

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I want to write a book!

I am going to publish a book!

I am publishing a book.

31button8I spoke this first sentence, aloud probably around 1977. Larry and I lived in a small house on Longview Drive. We read self-help and Christian inspirational books for at least fifteen minutes every night before going to bed. This reading changed our lives for the better. We had been told:

The difference in you now and five years from now is the books your read and the people you associate with.

I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to fix things. I wanted to solve problems. I wanted to encourage people. i wanted to point people to the Ultimate Answer to their every need, Jesus Christ. I still want these things, and I’m ready to keep walking toward that dream through publishing my book.

By reading this, you are walking that journey with me. I hope you will be inspired to take the next step in fulfilling your dream.

As you continue the journey with me, you will read what I’ve learned through research and asking questions that will guide me through the steps toward publication. I’ll also keep reminding you of steps you can take to nurture the dream you have. By the end of the 31 Day Challenge, we should have a nice list of steps to follow toward fulfilling any dream and a specific list of steps to follow toward publishing your book. You’ll also be able to get your hands on a copy of Dare to Be Happy for the first time ever. That is my hope and my faith.

Vital Steps:

Define your dream.

Pray over your dream.

Have you done these two steps yet? I dare say, nothing will really happen until you do. Over these past 4 days, I have spent time in prayer over my dream. I have prayed for your dreams too. I encourage you to look inside of yourself and see what God has placed there. What do you want? Don’t hide it or run from it or discount it, and don’t think that it is impossible.

When you step out to do something “impossible,” God steps in to make it possible.

I am praying that your dream will be awakened in you. Yours eyes are going to pop open, and you are going to realize that the thing you want, the thing that makes your smile may very well be God’s dream for you. You are going to be so excited when He leads you into receiving the fulfillment of your dream. And the most incredible fruit of your dream being fulfilled is that it will spread out like a flood and positively affect the lives of others. That’s the way our God works. He will take your loaves and fishes and feed thousands! Define your dream and pray over your dream. In the next few days, we’ll explore more exciting steps to take toward your dream!






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2 Responses

  1. Angela Loving

    Hi Sharon!

    I stand and totally believe with you in your 31 day DREAM to publish your book! This has been a dream of mine for you for awhile now and I believe it will happen! You are not only the BEST sis in law in the world, but you have an AWESOME talent for writing that will take you places we do not even know about yet! God’s Love is waiting to be spread throughout the world in your new book!

    And guess what? I will start praying tonight for the Lord to give myself and countless others a 31 day Dream to get started on asap.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and joy to motivate us to look within and see where we can do the good that God will show us!

    I love you!


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