Day 5: Live Your Dream


I feel like a duck. Each evening I am swimming along putting words together for 31 Days to Write, yet under the water’s surface my feet are busily working as I continue to research the hows of self-publishing I add to my list of questions and work with my content, choosing what to use and editing what I have.

I must not lose sight of the Vital Steps. My dream has been defined, and each day I spend at least ten minutes in prayer about my dream. I find myself always praying for your dreams as well. Is your dream defined?

I am ready to give you Vital Step 3:

Live the dream through picturing.

and Practical Step 6 which goes hand in hand With VS3:.

Order and read eBooks.

Can you picture readers from around the world clicking on your book title on After they authorize a payment of $.99 to $2.99, your book is downloaded to their device. They can instantly begin reading your book. Or perhaps after clicking on your book title, your paperback book is placed in the mail by Amazon, and in a few days it arrives in their mailbox. Can you see them anxiously ripping into the package and holding your book in their hands?

People are going to buy your book.

People are going to benefit when your dream is accomplished.

Can you see it happening?

Practical Step 6 for publishing my book is to buy and read eBooks. Making that payment does much more for you than just accessing some good reading material. It accesses the belief that this can and will happen for you.

Reading the books you have chosen will do more for you than providing you with pleasant hours of reading. It will help you picture the end result of having published your book. Just like you are reading the book you ordered, people will be reading yours.

In addition to reading the eBook you have ordered, you can learn a great deal from examining the book from a publisher’s viewpoint. You can see the page layout, the chapter divisions, the way words flow into sentences, paragraphs, and pages. You will learn so much from buying and reading eBooks. Determine a small amount to spend on your dream. You are investing in your dream, and you are putting a smile on some author’s face somewhere in the world. Before very long, you will have a smile of your own every time you learn one of your books has been purchased.

The Practical Steps toward publication we have so far are:

1. Write your book.

2. Prepare your content.

3. Begin revisions.

4. Ask questions.

  • What is CreateSpace, and should I use it?
  • How much money does it cost to self-publish?
  • What is the best font to use for publication?

5. Get a CreateSpace account.

6. Order and read eBooks.

Vital Steps.

1. Define your dream.

2. Pray over your dream.

3. Live the dream through picturing the end result.

Do you have an eBook you have published? I’m in the market for a few!

If you’re looking for one, here are two I recommend. Give them a try if you like.

Broken by Anne Peterson

30 Days to a More Powerful Life by Joe Dalio

Live the dream!