Day 7: Time to Rest

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31button8I have great news for you. There is only one more step to add to the list of Vital Steps to fulfill your dream, and I will happily give that to you in a few days. The list of Practical Steps will continue to grow as I discover them along the way. Since this is the seventh day of the 31 Days to Write Challenge, I am going to rest this evening instead of diligently preparing a post for today.

Over the next few days, I will be focusing my available time and attention toward final preparations of the manuscript. Only then can I take the next steps toward publication. While you are waiting for me, (I hope you are.) I will post a scripture or encouraging word or a reminder of the steps we have listed so far. Enjoy your day.

Here’s a quick reminder of the Vital Steps:

Define your dream, pray over your dream, live your dream through picturing, and be sure to ask the Holy Spirit for His help.

This is not step five, but take some time to rest for yourself.

In case you missed any of the previous days of 31 Days to Publish My Book, there’s a convenient list for you in the sidebar at the top. I recommend that you skip Day 2 because it’s too long, but I kind of like the way the others turned out. I hope you find something meaningful for you.

Have a wonderful day!





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  1. Hey! Another 31 dayer here. I will definitely have to check out the create space post – I just got my own creative space together after a move!

  2. I think I am stuck on step 1. 🙂 Not that that’s a bad thing… defining can take some time. This post isn’t the first thing that’s nudging me toward figuring out my dream lately. That probably means I should take some time to do it!

  3. Yes! to Rest! I prepared yesterday’s post the day before. I did not touch my wp editor at all yesterday–just did comments. It was a great day! I plan to build this in to each week if i can!

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