Day 8: Say “Yes” to Your Dream


A dream is a goal that can be reached only with God’s help.

What is the difference in a dream and a goal? I recently read an article demonstrating ten differences between a dream and a goal. I agree with the basis of the article, but I soon realized that my definition of a dream is different than the author’s. To me a dream is simply “a spiritualized goal.”  When we use the word “dream,” we are often referring to something that can’t happen. It’s just a dream. That’s all well and good except for the verse that tells us that “All things are possible with God,” Matthew 19:26 tells me that my dream is possible.

I definitely believe in goal setting, but using the word, “dream” takes the limits off and brings God into the picture. We could use the term dream/goal to better express what I am talking about. Using the word goal to describe my dream sounds like it is within my realm of control. Setting a goal we believe we can accomplish is lowering the bar. Setting a goal we can only accomplish with God’s help is raising the bar. For lack of a better word, I call that a “dream.”

For the rest of the series, please keep in mind that when I use the word “dream,” I am referring to a goal that can be reached with God’s help. Now that you understand the meaning of dream, it’s time to define your dream. You might want to start with a list of:

  • all the things you want to do or be
  • all the things you have ever wanted to do or be,
  • all the things you think you might want to do or be.

Then as you read the list, note which ones make your pulse quicken and your spirit get excited. Choose one. Now your’re ready for step 2.

Keep in mind when you define your dream/goal, there are no rules. It can be as “small” as cleaning out a closet or as “big” as a trip to Bora Bora. You don’t have to believe that You can do it, you just have to want it. Step 2 will help you decide if you should want it, and you will find out what God thinks about it.

Define your dream. You know what mine is, I would love to hear yours. Remember it can be small or large. No rules. You’re not limited to one dream in your lifetime. After accomplishing one with God’s help, He’ll have a lot more ideas for you. Of that you can be sure.

Real Life Examples of Dreams (from people I know) :

  • Go to Bora Bora
  • Open a Worship Center
  • Achieve financial prosperity
  • Meet and marry the woman/man of my dreams
  • Organize a house
  • Have a clean house
  • Clean out a closet
  • Lose weight
  • Achieve a fitness goal
  • Get a job they love
  • See a loved one saved
  • Publish a Book

Now it’s time for me to work on my book! Blessings to all as you dream!

More about step 2 on Day 9. To catch up with my 31 Days to Publish My Book Series, look for the series list to the right or below or click here. Thanks for being a apart of my journey.

My favorite 31 Days to Write post for today was from Coddled Little Life and it is called, “Say Yes to the Sprinkler!” It’s great insight for moms and others. And yes, I borrowed from her title because it fit.


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8 Responses

  1. This is so good for me to read today. As I have been writing on no fear….it has lead me a lot to thinking about dreams I have.
    Looking forward to continuing to read!

    • Dreams can so easily be forgotten. We have to water them and nurture them to keep them alive, and then they in turn keep us alive! Praying for your dreams to be realized!

  2. GiGiMandy

    Many of us have dreams, but we never set goals to achieving them. Thus, we never accomplish our dreams. Thanks for reminding us to work toward our dreams!

    • Yes, they so often stay out there in “Lala” land! Embracing the dream is what will bring them to pass! Thanks for reading. May your dream be realized! Praying for you!

  3. Reach for the dream! Yes! That’s why many of us are doing #write31days, right? I feel blessed to see so many reaching for theirs…

    • The Challenge is definitely something we can’t do without God’s help, so you are definitely right!

  4. I ADORE your definition of “dream”! What an inspiring way to put it. You’ve given me a lot to think about in these last couple of days. And thank you for the nod here. <3

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