Day 9: 10 Minutes for Your Dream

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31button8“It’s not possible!”

“You can’t do this!”

“No one will read it!”

“No one will buy it.”

“They will think it is cheesy.”

“It’s not near good enough to publish.”

These thoughts were relentless during the first few days after I defined my dream:

I will publish my book in 31 days.

Now I know I will publish my book. I’m excited about what God will do, and how He will do it.

What changed?

10 Minutes for My Dream

In my first post, I stated,

“I have no idea if it is possible to publish a book in 31 days.”

Do you hear the doubt, the questions, almost the expectation that I probably won’t actually get this done? Now I confidently approach each day with a surety that it will be done. I admit there is still the concern that when I get into the nitty gritty, I may run into more than I can accomplish in the given time. I am, however, much more confident that it can and will happen than I was ten days ago! That is amazing, marvelous, and well, let’s just say miraculous.

I reached this point through Step 2 which is praying about my dream for ten minutes a day.

  • I admit I set a timer because I have been known to be distracted and forget what I was even trying to accomplish for ten minutes at a time.
  • I admit that sometimes I run out of things to say during the ten minutes I am praying,
  • and I admit that ten minutes can seem like a lot longer.

But I can assure you it has been well worth the gentle pressure of my will to take this time to talk to God about publishing my book, to see what flows out of my heart about it, and to then go about my work knowing that He is guiding me and helping me.The finished product will be His. He is the Dream Maker!

You may say as I did in the beginning, “This is something I have never done. There have been days, weeks, and months that I have not even thought of my dream and if I did pray, I wouldn’t know what to say.”

I am confident that anyone who will pray over their dream for ten minutes a day will see positive results.

During your ten minutes, you can just lay it all out all there. Tell Him your fears, your concerns, your questions. One of your first expectations from your prayers is to determine the will of God concerning your dream. There are some things that we may want for the wrong reasons or things that we should not want at all. He will clearly show you as you lift that desire up to Him. This is why Step 2 is so vital.

If He is not in it, you really don’t want it.

Through consistent prayer, He will reveal His dream for you. You will find that it was a seed of a desire in your heart all along. Notice that inn the beginning, Step 2, pray, may circle you back to Step 1, define your dream.

Once your dream has been clearly defined and You know God is in it with you,

Continue to give 10 minutes for your dream every day.

When you pray knowing He is in it:

  • You can thank Him for your dream.
  • You can ask Him how to do specific things.
  • You can ask Him to bless the final product.
  • You can ask Him to use it for His glory.
  • You can ask Him to show you the next step.
  • You can ask Him to show you what the end result looks like.
  • You can say, “Holy Spirit, help me!”

Here’s a list of the first four Vital Steps:

  1. Define Your Dream
  2. Pray
  3. Live your dream through picturing the end result.
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit for help.

I know you thought I was going to write very short posts for a few days, maybe just a scripture or reminder of the five steps so I could focus on the manuscript. Good news, I have been focusing on the manuscript, but I felt a desire to pour my heart out concerning each Vital Step before giving the final step. Everything is moving along as planned, and I am excited to see the progress each day. I feel passionate about stirring up dreams in others and encouraging you to take the Vital steps necessary to accomplish what God wants you to accomplish. We’re in this together. Thanks for reading!

Have a wonderful day of dreaming and praying!


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  1. You are an inspiration.

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  3. Thank you so much. This is such good advice.

    • Donna, Thanks so much for taking time to stop by! Feel free to share your dream. I’d love to add you to the prayer list!

  4. Right now all I want to do is improve my blog especially my writing skills. I’m going to be praying every day and î’d love to be on your prayer list. Thank you so much.

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