Day 10: Dream, Sweet Dream

31button8When we skip a step, we often stumble and fall. Step 3 of Vital Steps to fulfilling your dream is one of those steps you don’t want to skipl

Live the dream by picturing the end result.

This step follows so closely with Step 2: pray, that they can actually be done at the same time. I have just returned from a ten minute prayer walk and after I had poured out my heart and asked God to infuse His life into my book, I then pictured the end result. I saw a picture of the cover and I saw little whimsical graphics at the end of each chapter. I saw my copy arriving in the mail, and I saw myself meeting people who had been blessed by the book. That’s my dream.

Consider your dream:

If your dream is Bora Bora, then you can imagine your toes in the sand on that beautiful beach.

If your dream is cleaning out your closet, then picture yourself presenting your finished work to a friend or loved one. Picture the feeling you have checking that huge project off of your list. Picture the confidence you have that you can accomplish an even bigger task.

If your dream is finding the man or woman of your dreams, imagine the first date. Is it meeting for coffee or a gourmet dinner for two?

If your dream is for a loved one to be saved, can you picture tears streaming down their face as they tell you how God has met them where they were and set them free.

If it is difficult for you to get a picture of your dream, keep praying. Keep imagining. You will soon get a crystal clear picture of your dream, and it can eventually turn into a full length movie with you in the leading role. Dream, sweet dream. You will soon have what you are picturing.  This is your faith at work.

Have fun and live your dream through picturing the end result.

Progress Report: I am now muddling through corrections for each day’s devotional. Did I tell you it’s going to be thirty-one days of inspirational writings, hoping some readers will read one a day to get a happy start to their day. Today I wished each month was only twenty one days because I looked at the calendar and the clock is ticking. I prayed, and I pictured and I tackled more revisions!

Keep dreaming!



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