Congratulations! Your Dream Came True!

31button8You did it! You followed the steps, didn’t you? You fulfilled your dream! Congratulations! What else do you want to accomplish? You can do it! You know you can! With God’s help, you can do absolutely anything!

You had the dream of writing for 31 days on one topic. You published your 31st post on the last day of October, 2015. Congratulations! You really did it! You defined your dream; you prayed about it. You could imagine how you would feel on this last day, having completed the challenge. You asked the Holy  Spirit for inspiration and guidance along the way. You took your first step when you pressed the first key on the keyboard, and you did this every day until the end! Congratulations again! You did it!

And that was for all of those who did! Others of you are readers, not writers, and you, no doubt, have been inspired by the beautifully written narratives you’ve read this month. Perhaps your life has been changed by something you’ve read. You’ve begun to think about what your dream might be, or you already know what it is, and you have steps to take toward fulfilling it. Which step are you on?

  1. Define your dream.

  2. Pray about it for ten minutes a day and be sure it lines up with God’s will.

  3. Live your dream by picturing the end result.

  4. Ask the Holy Spirit for help and guidance.

  5. Take the first step whatever it might be. Often it is to pray and picture every day until the next step is revealed.

Others of you started the challenge like I did, but somewhere along the way you had to stop, or you chose to stop. Congratulations. You started, then you made the tough decision to stop. You stretched, and you won’t go back to the same place. You’re better for every day that you wrote. You learned something, you helped someone, you inspired someone. The ripple effect will not be known to you for a very long time, if ever.

Now is your time to reevaluate. Will you choose a new dream? Will you reframe the time expectation on the same dream? What do you want to accomplish? You are at step one: Define or redefine your dream. What an exciting time! A new day. A new dream. A new beginning! You can do it!

All of us are in one of these three groups:

  • Those who wrote all 31 posts, fulfilling the dream they had. I hope you will define your next dream.
  • Those whose dream was either undefined or was something other than writing for 31 days. You are our readers, and we are grateful, but you have a dream of your own. I hope you will define it.
  • Those who started the Challenge and then stopped. You have a dream. I hope you will define or redefine it.

It has been an awesome Challenge. I started out expecting to end up with a list of practical steps to take to publish a book. I had expected to be able to offer a copy of the ebook to all of my readers. That is for another time, but it will happen. As the first few posts unfolded, I felt that I was learning God’s thoughts on fulfilling any dream. I spent prayer time praying for the dreams of others and this time has been a treasure to me. I’m not stopping. I am still praying for you and for your dreams to be fulfilled because I know that many of your dreams are God’s dreams. I want to be a part of encouraging you to fulfill His dreams!

For me personally I have reevaluated. I am reframing my time expectations and moving forward to complete publication of my book Dare to Be Happy! Stay with me! You’ve become my friends!

Dare to Dream with me!



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3 Responses

  1. I love this. Great job! Yes, we have made wonderful friends. You can do this and I will love getting it.

  2. I am in love with all of the grace here, my friend! Yay for us… we made it!

  3. Love! We made it!

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