Not Everything You Think Is True


“You are not going to make it!”

“You are not good at anything.”

“You have failed at that!”

“You are too old.”

“You are too young!”

“No one likes you.”

“You can’t change!”

“Life is hard!”

“God can’t use you.”

“You are going to run out of money.”

I’ve heard these thoughts too. Did you ever stop to think that they might not be true?

Not everything you think is true.

When you think something bad about yourself or others, consider the source. Begin to question the validity of what you are hearing. Is this something God would say to you?

Can you imagine God telling you what a tough day it’s going to be? Would He tell you that no one likes you? Would He list your failures?

The truth is what God says!

If you listen to your heart, you will know what He says. Wouldn’t it sound more like this:

“You can do anything you set your mind to.”

“You are strong in Me!”

“You are someone with unique gifts and talents.”

“You are loved!”

“You are successful!

“You have everything you need.”

“God is with you every step of the way.”

“There is nothing you can’t handle with God’s help.”

“You are a blessing, a help, and an encouragement to others.”

Take some of these thoughts to feast on today. Here’s one of my favorites that Steve Backlund suggested:

There is always a solution.

Before you get out of bed try thinking about one of these truths. Picture what it would look like if you experienced this in your life today.

Remember to identify, question, and fast all negative thoughts.

Choose to think the words God would say to you. Choose a few of your favorites and feast on these words today!

Have a really great day today! The sky is the limit! Just think about that!

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Our thoughts are the bricks by which our beliefs are built. Our beliefs are the foundation on which our whole life stands.

Change your thoughts, and you change your life.

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