Believing Lies, Recognizing Truth

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We are where we are in life right now because of our beliefs.

  1.  It is possible that we are believing lies in some or all areas of our lives. This has kept us from fulfilling the perfect will of God in our lives.
  2.  A lie is defined as anything contrary to what God says or believes about us.
  3. We can ask God to show us the lies we have been believing.
  4. We can ask God to show us what we should believe about any given circumstance.
  5. We can tell our minds what to believe.  Examples: “Sharon, you are successful. Sharon, you are a woman of faith and prayer. Sharon, God can use you to bless others.” And after your mind gets used to the idea (gets renewed) you will believe it!

Two tests that we can use to determine if a belief is God’s truth for us:

  • Does it bring hope?
  • Is it something God would say to you?  Would He tell you that you are a failure? Would He tell you that you will never get out of this mess? Would He tell you it is too late for your dreams to come true? With this test we can easily identify lies we have been believing.

Steve Backlund, the sponsor of our Negativity Fast & Positivity Feast, says, “Let’s just laugh at that.” Whenever we hear a thought that is contrary to what God would say to us, then, “Let’s just laugh at that.” You know it’s not a truth from God if it doesn’t give you hope.

When we hear a thought that gives us hope, encourages us and agrees with God’s word, we can say, “Let’s just think about that.” We will have two kinds of thoughts vying for our attention today: Negative thoughts and positive thoughts. Let’s choose the ones we want to think about and laugh at the other ones.

Our thoughts are the bricks by which our beliefs are built. Our beliefs are the foundation on which our whole life stands.


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Have a terrific day! God loves you so much!

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