Life and Death and What You Can Do About It

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Proverbs 18:21 says,

 “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

Today, in Steve Backlund’s message, he expresses profoundly,

“The greater truth is that life is in the power of the tongue.”

Let’s just think about that.

Life is in the power of the tongue.

That’s my “featured thought” for today. As we meditate on those words, we’re going to understand it and believe it. It’s the belief that God is after! It’s our responsibility and delight to choose that thought over contrary negative thoughts that beg us to focus on what appears to be a dead hopeless reality. Truth is what God says, and He says,

“Life is in the power of the tongue.”

If God says

“Life is in the power of the tongue,”


Life is in the power of the tongue!

Let’s speak life into every situation today.

Can you get a picture of  timelapse photography where a seedling becomes a bud and then each petal opens up until the beautiful flower is unfolded. That is the way your situations can change today. As you speak life into what appears to be a problem or an unresolved issue, it will change into something beautiful.

Jesus’ friend, Lazarus had been dead for four days. He had been embalmed and wrapped in grave clothes. When Jesus said, “Lazarus, come forth,” life came back into him, and God was glorified.

What is the best thing that could happen today for each of your loved ones? Think about that. Speak life over each one of them. Simply say, “I speak the life of God over _______today.” You can name any and everything that your heart is concerned about today.

Unspeakable joy will bubble up in your life today!

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Have an incredible day thinking right! Your life is being transformed into God’s best for you! Just think about what that looks like!


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