Wrapping Up the Negativity Fast: 42 Declarations

View More: http://rockfordjordanphotography.pass.us/momsblogWhat a fabulous 37 days it has been! Fabulous? Not always in the high feelings of joy that I thrive on, but fabulous in stretching and growing, becoming stronger, and being transformed. Did any of you face a challenge to your beliefs? I had my moments for sure. And those moments went into hours, then days. Over the last three weeks, I have been on a roller coaster ride from high emotions to low emotions. My beliefs were challenged. It was clear to me that the old comfortable way of thinking did not like the new thoughts coming in to take their place. Great news, I persevered and I am stronger. I hope you persevered as well.


I highly encourage you to come up with declarations of your own that will propel you to becoming the person you know God wants you to be.


Here’s a list of the declarations I have mentioned in this series. If you like some of my thoughts, feel free to print a copy and carry them with you so you can speak them out loud when you have alone time throughout your day. For now you may want to skim over them and read the “Wrapping It Up”paragraph. Enjoy your adventure.



From “You Can’t Say That” on Day 3.

I’m successful in everything I do,

I’m happier than I’ve ever been,

Everywhere I go people like me and want to hear what I have to say,

I am a positive influence on everyone I meet,

All my bills are paid on time and I have plenty for everything I need, and

God is blessing me in everything I do?”

From “Good, Acceptable, and Perfect” on Day 4

Everything I put my hand to prospers.

I walk in divine health. I pray for others, and they are healed.

God gives me great ideas.

I am closer to God than I have ever been.

The life of God is flowing through me.

I am a blessing to others.

It’s going to be a great day.

From “Renewing My Mind Today” on Day 5

God is continually showing me ways to walk with Him throughout each day.

God is pleased with me not because of what I do, but because He loves me.

God is showing me more and more truth.

I surrender my life to God daily.

God is opening up exciting opportunities for me.

God continually gives me great ideas.

I have more and more energy every day.

I enjoy every day to the fullest.

God’s peace, joy, and Presence surround me every day.

I am continually aware of the favor and blessings of God every day.

I am happier than I’ve ever been.

I delight in helping others to be happy and prosperous.

From “Precious Promises” on Day 7.

If you abide in me, and My word abides in you, you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you. John 15:7

Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive them, and you shall have them. Mark 11:24

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

From “Four Thoughts to Feast on Today” on Day 8.

There is always a solution.

God gives me great ideas. 

God always answers my prayers.

Everything works  out for my good.

From “Life and Death and What You Can Do About It” on Day 9

Life is in the power of the tongue!

From “9 Favorite Thoughts” on Day 11

There is always a solution.

Great ideas are continually coming to me.

I am successful in everything I do.

I always make good decisions.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

I am increasingly able to bless and encourage others.

We walk in the favor and blessing of God every day.

We always have plenty of money.

God wants all of His people to prosper.

Wrapping it up

Choose the words you need or find your own. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the words you need to declare to transform your life into  His perfect will for you.

Even if you have found the Negativity Fast/Positivity Feast for the first time today, I encourage you to jump in with both feet. Your life can only get better by choosing God’s thoughts and words to think and speak! To find out more about the Negativity Feast and for more resources, click here.

There are only three more days of the official Negativity Fast, but for me, it is only the beginning.

I declare blessings over you and your family as you step out into new adventures with God’s perfect plan for your life!


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  2. Love this! We love Steve and Wendy and have gone through this fast/feast a couple of times! It’s always so powerful!

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