The Biggest Challenge Ever!

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thumbnail_100wordsI talk a lot. I know I do. My husband used to tell me I’ve been inoculated with words. I used to occasionally ask him if he minded if I talked. This, of course was while he was trying to read or fall asleep. He would always say, “Does it matter?” and I would say, “No,” and keep on talking. So the good news for you, if you visit me here over the next 31 days, you’ll find 100 words or less.

That’s right, I’m joining the Write 31 Days Challenge. Writers from all over the world will be writing on a particular subject for 31 days straight. I have not chosen a particular topic, but rather my challenge is to: Keep it Short! Each post will be 100 words or less, or at least that is my challenge. Will I be able to do it? We shall see!

You can expect some words of encouragement, a quote, an idea or something to think about. Can I do it? We’re not taking bets, but you can cast your vote in the comments. Have you ever tried to limit your words, and say more with less verbiage? I’m up for it.

Now, let’s look at the word count and see how I did with this introduction and explanation:

What! 227 words!

Well, it’s the first day, so come back to see if I can get better every day!

Here’s the list updated daily:

Day 2: 90 Words on Thriving

Day 3: 117 Words on Thriving Mentally

Day 4: 140 Words on Thriving Spiritually

Day 5: 98 Words on Thriving Physically

Day 6: 151 Words on Thriving Financially

Day 7: 125 Words on Thriving Emotionally

Day 8: 129 More Words on Thriving Emotionally

Day 9: 100 Words on Thinking Right

Day 10: 100 Words on Declaring Truth

Day 11: 100 Words on Recognizing Lies

Day 12: 100 Words on Finding Truth

Day 13: 100 Words on Not Giving Up

Day 14: 100 Words on Experiencing Truth

Day 15: 163 Words on Imagination

Day 16: 117 Words on Believing

Day 17: 154 Words on Perseverance

Day 18: 156 Words on Negativity

Day 19: 128 Words on Knowing Truth

Day 20: 187 Words on Arriving at Your Destination

Day 21: 130 Words on Negative Snowballs

Day 22: 135 Words on Reaching for Your Dream

Day 23: 107 Words on Filling Up

Day 24: 111 Words on Getting Out of the Slump

Day 25: 109 Words on Being Happy

Day 26: 270 Words on Disparaging Others

Day 27: 264 Words More Words On Filling Up with God’s Word

Day 28: 200 Words on Favor

Day 29: 99 Words on the 2016 Election


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