Day 6: 151 Words on Thriving Financially


God wants you to prosper.

How do I know God wants you to prosper?

He loves you.

He’s the biggest giver ever.

He wants you to be like Him.

He trusts you.

He prospered Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

Why not you?

Thriving financially comes from having a mindset of prosperity. We always get more of what we focus on. When we firmly accept the truth that God wants us to prosper, we can believe that He will provide the way.

Consider this:

God wants me to prosper.

God can trust me with prosperity.

God will use me to bless others.

God is showing me how to prosper.

God is blessing everything I do.

I always have plenty of money.

God is blessing me with a job (or work) that I love that meets all of my financial needs.

Get comfortable with the idea of prosperity by imagining yourself prospering.

150 Words.