Day 13: 100 Words on Not Giving Up


This is Day 13 of the Write 31 Days Challenge. To get caught up from Day 1, click here.

What to do when you feel like giving up?


Remember it’s a process.

Things will change; you will change as your beliefs change.

The limiting, fearful beliefs will be broken up, cast down, and destroyed.

We have authority. We can say these beliefs are broken up, cast down, and destroyed.

Sometimes we need to say, “I release you, limiting belief!” “I release you fearful belief. I break your power over me!”

We can tell our mind what to think!

Declare this:

“I will succeed. I am a leader. God is giving me great ideas. I am becoming all that God wants me to be! God will use me to help others!”

Don’t give up!

Declaring truth leads to victorious living.

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