Day 22: 135 Words on Reaching for Your Dream

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This is Day 22 of the Write 31 Days Challenge. To get caught up from Day 1, click here.

A dream is a goal just big enough to need God’s help in fulfilling it. The thrill of life is partnering with God, allowing Him to supercharge you to accomplish the dreams He gives you.

1. Define your dream. What’s in your heart? What do you want to do or be?

2. Pray ten minutes a day for your dream. Does it line up with God’s peace and plan for you? If it doesn’t, go back to step 1.

3. Activate the dream through picturing the end result. This gives life to it.

4. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the first step. What can you do right now to move toward your dream?

5. Take that step, and the next, and the next.


Excerpt from “Your Dream is Within Reach,” by Sharon published October 16, 2015.

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