Day 25: 109 Words on Being Happy

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This is Day 25 of the Write 31 Days Challenge. To get caught up from Day 1, click here.

Continuing the Challenge of saying more with less, attempting to keep each post 100 words or less.

One of the best things you can do for others is to be happy.

“A merry heart has a continual feast.” Proverbs 15:15

and when there’s a feast, there is plenty for everyone.

Go ahead and think those positive thoughts, meditate your favorite verses from the Bible, imagine the best that could happen to you today.

Think of what’s really great about the people you know and the people you are with. Imagine things turning out the best possible way.

Go ahead and be happy today.

It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, and it’s going to do a world of good for the world you live in.

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  1. So Much Amen! I love this… and try to live this, too!

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