Day 27: 264 More Words on Filling Up with God’s Word


“Fill up with My Word, and My Life will flow into every area of your life.”

When I heard these words many years ago, I saw a picture of something you might see in a science lab. It was an upright clear tube with branches coming out of each side. I drew a picture of this on an index card and labeled each branch: family, church, work, ministry, friends, business.

I had favorite verses that I memorized and meditated on throughout the day, and I visualized His Word flowing into each area.

When I began to teach school at our church school, I knew the Lord was leading me to teach His Word to the students. We learned a verse for every letter of the alphabet, and reviewed these so often that every child from kindergarten through 8th grade could easily quote the verse and reference when prompted with any letter of the alphabet. I like to think that every one of those students could do well at this even today.

Take a verse each day and meditate it ten times. Do this ten times throughout the day so that by the end of the day, you have said or thought this verse one hundred times.  God will speak to you through His Word, and His Word will affect every area of your life!

“Fill up with My Word, and My life will flow into every area of your life.”

Click here for a list of the A-to Z verses.

Your life will be  enriched by having more of God’s Word in your heart.

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Day 26: 270 Words on Disparaging Others


This is Day 26 of the Write 31 Days Challenge. To get caught up from Day 1, click here.

During this challenge, I have attempted to say more with less words. Staying close to the 100 word mark was much more challenging than I imagined. I let this one go on well past the 200 word mark because it’s that important to our happiness and the happiness of others.

Here goes:

I found myself nodding in agreement, affirming that the person in question had seriously erred in their ways. The individual being discussed was clearly a flawed specimen of humanity. Before the conversation was over, together we had identified wrongful actions in two other people.

I left the booth where I had been working and headed to my car. Two seconds into my drive home, I realized I had just spoken negatively about three people. I know better than that. It’s not my style. I’m a positive person. I see the best in others, yet I had heartily chimed in as others were being berated. What could I do to make it right? Flashback to what I did with my students years ago.

“If you say something negative about another person, you have to say 10 good things about them.”

Problem solved.

As I began to try to think of ten good things about these three, I realized I didn’t even know them well enough to name ten things about them. If I didn’t know them any better than that, why speak negatively about them? I had no where near enough information to make a judgement on their actions.

We have no idea what is behind someone’s actions. We judge only from what we can see on the surface, and from our perspective based on our own past experiences.

Looking for the good in others is a mental exercise that can only produce positive results.

The next time you find yourself speaking negatively about someone, stop, and say ten good things about them. Maybe someone will do the same thing for you!