Day 28: 200 Words on Favor

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This is Day 28 of the Write 31 Days Challenge. I have attempted to say more with less words. To get caught up from Day 1, click here.

These inspirational sayings were inspired by the wonderful book called Favor, The Road to Success by Bob Buess. When I was blessed to be the teacher and principal of a wonderful Christian school in North Carolina, our class started each day by repeating these words together. They are in my heart, and I often go to sleep or wake up with them going over in my mind. They are scriptural; they are available to all of us who  accept them as true.These are best said out loud once a day, every day until they become our beliefs. It is our beliefs that God responds to.


teddy-bearGod favors me today.

God is with me today.

God is helping me today.

I am someone very special to the Lord.

Good things are happening to me spiritually today.

Good things are happening to me financially today.

Good things are happening to me in all my relationships today.

I am looking for ways to favor others today.

Today will be a great day because Jesus lives big in me today

And every day!

I have the mind of Christ today.

I have the mind of Christ today.

I have the mind of Christ today!

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