The Lion and the Porcupine DECLARE the Day

Louie, the Lion came out into the forest clearing, his crown tilted slightly to the side, his large mouth opening wide, as he declared, “It’s going to be a great day, here in the forest! I declare that every forest … Continued

Under His Wings

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If you have ever wakened in the night with terror in your heart, paralyzed with fear, and overcome with the very presence of darkness, then what you are about to read will help you. If you have ever walked with … Continued

It’s a Small World After All

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Ready, Get Set, Go!  It’s Friday, and I’m always excited to join Lisa-Jo  Baker for Five Minute Friday. It’s the little things that make a difference. It’s three words, “I love you.” It’s two words,”I’m sorry!” It’s five loaves and … Continued

The Man Who Couldn’t Write, Part 2: Diagnosis and Prescription

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The original article has been broken up into two parts now for your reading pleasure. If you’ve  read this, then you already know the diagnosis and prescription, please leave a comment. Knowing what you think, helps me be a better … Continued

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