How Is Your Hearing?

pray copyThis is Day 23 of the 31 Days of Writing Challenge! If you want to catch up, click right over to Day 1 for a list of all the posts.

How is your hearing? We are so used to our five senses interpreting our world and our circumstances, that it takes exercise to strengthen our spiritual senses. By playing The Game With Minutes, we are strenthening our spiritual senses. Learning to think God’s thoughts opens us up to see, smell, taste, feel and hear as He does. It is challenging at best, but it is quite the adventure of life to play this game and learn to live His Way.

5 sensesListening Prayer is when we do our best to quiet our busy minds and hear what He is saying. If we can learn to ask Him for his thoughts, He will give us those higher thoughts and  our words and actions will be wiser and more productive.

There are certain tests through which we should filter the words we hear. When we try to hear His Voice, remember that our own thoughts reside right along with our spirit. The more our mind is renewed to the Word of God, the more accurately we will hear His voice. Naturally, some of our own habitual thoughts will mingle with His thoughts. When reading back over what you have heard, you can test the words by asking these questions:

  • Does it agree with the Word of God?
  • What fruit does it produce? If these words lead you down a path of life and peace, rest in it.
  • Does it stand the test of time? If you will look at these words again in a few days, weeks, and even longer, the life of these words will be apparent compared to other words you have written.

If you find that some of the words do not meet the tests, do not be alarmed. Celebrate the fact that you were able to discern the difference. Expect to hear His Voice, and your sense of spiritually hearing will improve with practice.word-of-god

Today’s Exercise: Set a timer for five minutes and stay focused on the Lord, listening. If you would, please share something from your experience with us.

I thought I wasn’t going to hear anything tonight,but this is what I felt I heard:

“I am not limited by words when I want to speak with my people. There are many ways that I will speak to you. I will use anything and everything within my power to communicate to you. Look for signs of my love everywhere you go. You will see me in flowers, trees, birds that sing, bricks that build, people who smile. Look for me and sing out the message that you hear.”

In the next few days, we will experiment with hearing God’s answer questions like this:

Can You impart to me a sense of knowing that everything is okay?

Let’s see what He has to say to us on Day 24.



And of course, as you have for the last 22 days, please remember to:

Dare to Pray for God’s hand to be upon our country in safety, protection, love and peace.


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Are You Ready to Experiment With Listening Prayer?

pray copyThis is Day 22 of the 31 Days of Writing Challenge! If you want to catch up, click right over to Day 1 for a list of all the posts.

The Game With Minutes is bringing God into our thoughts at least one second of every minute. It is making all of your thoughts a conversation with God. In the last half of our Writing Challenge, we are experimenting with the listening side of this conversation. I have been going back through the Archives of my posts because there have been occasions where I knew that God spoke to me through writing. I found one originally published on January 23, 2014, entitled “A Conversation With God.” Come with me as we explore the answers to some questions I asked God several months ago. You’ll have more fun if you put yourself with Him on the sofa and picture yourself there, listening to my questions and anticipating His answers.

I started out writing my thoughts as I closed my eyes and imagined Jesus was sitting on the sofa with me.

There is nothing in the world more precious than your Presence. Let’s say that I am in your Presence right now. I am aware that You are here on the sofa with me. You are willing to listen and talk about anything I want. Just being with You brings me peace and joy. I feel calmer now. I can see the love in Your eyes. I can sense the wisdom that You have. You are totally unruffled. I just sense that You are not the least bit concerned about any of the things we are, though you patiently listen and smile. They just aren’t that important in the scheme of things. I am looking into Your eyes and knowing suddenly that none of this matters. You have much bigger plans and ideas. You can see it all fitting together.Presence3

Next I asked Him a number of questions, but in the original writing I didn’t write His answers. Perhaps, I didn’t even really stop to listen, but just asking the questions drew me into a place of peace and located where my heart was. Tonight and over the next few days,as an exercise in listening, I am going to take some of these questions and record what I hear Him saying. Presence5

Here’s the first question:

Would You be able to impart wisdom to me?

I’m closing my eyes. I am listening. You can do the same with your pen and paper or open document, and you may hear something different than I do. Please share what you hear.

Here’s what I heard:

You ask me if I would be able to impart Wisdom to you that would enable you to see how things fit together. I say to you he who wants wisdom, let him ask of God who giveth to all men liberally. Just ask me for wisdom any time any place and I will l give you wisdom.Trust in me. Wisdom is the principle thing. Solomon, my son, asked for wisdom, you know the story well, and I gave him riches and wisdom. People came from afar to hear his wisdom. Breathe deeply and let wisdom come to you. Stay ever close to me and when others ask questions of you, train yourself to silently ask me for wisdom and breathe in. Then share what words I give you. Let them flow out of you as words of life. Lean not unto your own understanding.  Trusting me for Wisdom means not thinking and reasoning and planning and analyzing, but let my words flow to you and bring you Truth.

Continue to Day 23 for more answers.

, america

And every time you see a flag or a symbol of our country:

Dare to Pray that the people of the United States of America will hear the Voice of the Lord and turn to Him as never before!



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Three Times I Heard from God

pray copyThis is Day 21 of the 31 Days of Writing Challenge! If you want to catch up, click right over to Day 1 for a list of all the posts.

sky3There is something about the Voice of God. I am not speaking of an audible voice, but His Voice in our spirit. Sometimes it sounds like our voice. Sometimes we think it is our own voice, our own thoughts, and sometimes it is. When it is the Voice of God, somehow you know it. Whether it sounds like you or not, it has a quality, an essence about it that you know is different from any other voice. For one thing, it is often contrary to the way you were looking at something. It is a broader, clearer view. For another thing there is a quality of life and wisdom about it. You often remember where you were and the circumstances surrounding it when you heard the Voice of God.

1. Once I remember standing in the doorway of our home between the hallway and the den. I am sure I was trying to make a point and convince Larry of my view of something. In my ear, I heard these words, “Your reasoning is faulty at best.” I have never forgotten the impact and the wisdom of that. So often we think we can figure things out, or if we take the information at hand and thoroughly analyze it, (I do this for sport) we will come up with the right answer. The word of the Lord was “Your reasoning is faulty at best.” Hearing this made me put far less weight on information and my ability to come up with the proper answer through analysis. I learned to rest and rely on His wisdom which may come through intuition and through the “knowing” that He will communicate to us.

2. Another time that I recall was when we desperately needed an answer to prayer. Something was out of our control, and we were on a time deadline. I heard this, wrote it down, and obeyed it. I still have the piece of paper. The message was, “Trust me. I’ve already taken care of it.” Within two hours we had the favorable answer that we desired. Instead of spending those hours frantically worrying and wondering, I went to the pool with my friend and rejoiced when the answer came. This was the much better way.

3. Larry and sharon on the beach A third time that I heard the Voice of God was not so much a Voice that I heard but a knowing that came. Anyone who is married knows that who you marry is one of the top two most important decisions you will ever make with accepting the Lord as being number one. When I accepted Larry’s marriage proposal, I was breaking with the path I had been on which would have been more traditional. He was that “out of the box” kind of guy that didn’t necessarily follow the status quo, it seemed. This information was based generally on the simple fact that he had longer hair than anyone else I had dated. He had attended UNC-Carolina instead of a Christian college like I had. Who knew what views he held? These were not my thoughts at all, they were Mom’s! Bless her heart! So my knowing came in two ways: The first one was, “Whatever makes you love God more is His will.” I had read this in a book and it resonated with me. Secondly, I knew that I knew He was the one. If I had not married him, I would have known that I had disobeyed God. I was that sure. It cannot be explained, but I pray everyone will be that sure and have that knowing in such an important decision.

These are three times I heard from God. There have been many others, and I believe there will be many more. The more we talk to Him, tune in, ask for His thoughts, and listen, the more we will hear and know we are hearing His Voice.

Lord, what would you say to us now.

Look at the horizon, lift your eyes up and see as far as you can see. Trust me to take you there. Trust me to walk with you there. You don’t need to be looking down or looking at the things that are around you. There is a dream, a destiny that you have; there is a plan that I have for you. Get your eyes on the horizon. Trust me. Let me guide your steps. Keep your eyes on me and put one foot in front of the other. Walk in love. Walk in My joy and My peace. I will lead you. I walk with you. I will show you great and mighty things. Look to the horizon.


Dare to Pray, “Lord, let each one of us hear and discern Your Voice today. Let our congressmen and President and all government leaders hear and discern Your Voice.”

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Can You Hear the Lord Speaking to You?

pray copyThis is Day 20 of the 31 Days of Writing Challenge! Quite the milestone. I haven’t missed a day, and I have been stretched, as I know all of the writers have. How about the readers? We’ve all been fervently trying to read as many posts as we can so that we can encourage others, learn from others, and make friends. Many of us want to establish regular readers who care about what we are saying. I have stretched myself by researching the subject of prayer and conversation with God through the writings of respected author, teacher, and missionary, Frank Laubach.

A bend in the road is here for me, and as I take this turn I will write about some of my experiences in playing the Game with Minutes and learning to hear God’s voice as well as talk with Him continually.

Listening prayer is as important to our conversation with God as it is in our conversation with any person. If we are talking all of the time, we never grow or learn anything.

  • It is by listening that you learn the heart of the person you are talking to.
  • It is by listening that you show respect for them.
  • It is by listening that you build a relationship with them.
  • It is by listening that you can benefit from the wisdom that they have.

When you apply these to listening to God Himself, your benefit will be magnified exponentially. I am listening, and here is what I “feel” He is saying:

prayerMy Wisdom is readily available to you. First you will find it in my Word. Take my Word into your life and eat upon it as you would daily bread. Meditate upon my Word, and let it sustain you . By taking my Word into your life you will learn my voice. You will learn my truth. You will learn about my love for you. My love for you is greater than anything you can imagine. For I am Love. Can you meditate on my love every day? Can you feel my love for you? Can you let my love totally consume you? Do you feel how much I accept you? I delight in you. I see the tree in the acorn, the flower in the bud, the apple in the seed. I delight in you. I delight in the acorn, the bud,and the seed just as much as I do the tree, the flower, and the apple. You are my beloved. You are mine!

Keep listening.

He’s asking you and I to meditate on His Word and His Love. I can do that today.

Dare to Pray, “Help us to be aware of Your Great Love for us today, and let that love flow through us to others. God bless the United States of America.

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Dare to Be Happy

Dare to Be Happy

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Although this is Day 19 of the 31 Days of Writing Challenge, Dare to Pray, you are about to read one of my favorite posts from the Hope for America Prayer Challenge taken from the archives especially for today. Instead of writing something new on prayer, I will share this so I can catch my breath and regroup for the next 12 days of writing on Prayer. I hope you’ll enjoy it and comment with your thoughts! Most of all, dare to be happy, today! It will be good for you and everyone around you.

americaThis is the last day of the 30 Day Hope for America Prayer Challenge. I don’t know if anyone else has benefited as much as I have. I do hope so!

News headlines still scream destruction, racism, violence and hatred, but to me, it is like they have no voice. The sound has been muted. What I am hearing is the Voice of Hope that God is delivering us. He is protecting us, and yes, even prospering us as we keep our trust in Him.

praise-dance-1I am hearing the quiet lapping of waves against the side of the ship as it turns toward Him. I am hearing the sound of prayers repenting and lifting our country up to the Lord. I am hearing the sound of dancers dancing out praise to the Lord for what He is doing in our land. I am seeing people stand up for America and declare the goodness of God over our land.

What else can you do for America? Be happy! Proverbs 17:22 tells us,

“A merry heart does good like a medicine.”

Who is the medicine for? Is it for you? Or is it for someone else? Is it for your fellow Americans? Is it for your country? When you are happy, you can lighten the load of those around you. Love your family, love your country, love God. Let your heart sing with thanksgiving. Let your happy heart claim the things you desire through prayer. Be happy. God is with you. Rejoice in the good you see and the hope you have. Dare to be happy.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

John 16:33 tells us that we have our peace in Him. In the world, there is trouble, but be happy, He has overcome the world. Our heart can be happy, even while we are going through trouble of our own. Our heart can be happy as we reach out to those who are hurting. Our compassion comes from the peace, love and joy that sustains us. This is what gives us the resources to provide the comfort and kindness that others need. Be of good cheer. Dare to be happy.

Daily Dare: Dare to be happy. It’s good medicine for all of us.


Here is a list of the 23 posts on The Hope for America Challenge. We have now completed the first 30 days of praying daily for America. Will you join me for the next 30 days? The key is to pray at least a simple prayer or declaration whenever you see a symbol of America.With all of us praying, God is moving and all of heaven is at hand to perform the works of the Lord. Don’t stop! Keep praying, and encourage others to pray. Review the Daily Dares and add your comments. We’re in this together, and you can make a difference.

 happy americans

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Where, When, and How to Play the Game With Minutes

pray copy

This is Day 18 of my 31 Days of Writing Challenge called “Dare to Pray.” You can go back to Day One by clicking here.

 Is It Easy?

The Game with Minutes is trying to call Christ to mind at least one second of every minute. You do not need to stop other things or forget your work, but invite Him to share everything you do or say or think. When you try this Game with Minutes, you discover that spiritually you are very weak at first. A baby learning to walk may pull up, wobble a few steps and then fall in exhaustion. Then he tries again standing a little longer than before. When we try to keep God in mind, we may be like this baby, but there are some people who will learn to keep Him in mind as much as 90 percent of the day.

“You will find this just as easy and just as hard as forming any other habit.”(Laubach, Practicing His Presence, p.31.)

Can You Keep God in Mind While Having Fun?

God is interested in our fun as much as we are.

“If a thing brings health and joy and friendship, and a fresh mind, God is keenly interested because He is interested in us.”

You can easily pray while playing any sport, running, or playing any game. In fact, we can learn to pray during any activity.

“We gain purity of heart, because when we are maintaining the Presence of Christ, our minds are pure as a mountain stream every moment.” (p.36)

Can You Keep God in Mind as You Go Throughout Your Day?

skyWhen you wake in the morning, you can bring Jesus into your mind by saying, “Good morning,” and you might say His name in your mind several times to focus your attention on Him. Then you can say,” Lord, shall we get up now?”

You can talk to him as you dress and prepare for the day. As you leave your home, He goes with you.

“Men have found they can keep the Lord in mind while engaged in all types of work, mental or manual.” (p. 34)

Those who have intolerable circumstances to face find that they have greater strength while recognizing their Unseen friend at their side. You can take a stroll and easily call the Lord to mind as you walk. Ask Him what is on His mind, and “answer back aloud with your voice what you believe He replies to you.” (p.33) You may not always be correct in guessing His answer, but there are times you will be very sure it was what He would say to  you.

When reading, you can talk with Him about what is on the pages you read. You will be surprised when greater insights come to you while you read.

Mothers can keep Christ in mind while caring for children and doing household duties like sweeping, doing laundry, and other household chores. They can whisper to the Lord about every small matter knowing that He can help.

Making all thought a conversation with God is the greatest, most productive, and joyous activity we could possibly engage upon. Multitudes have turned despair into joy and defeat into victory by playing the Game with Minutes.

“This practicing the Presence of Christ takes all of our time, yet does not take from our work, it takes Christ into our enterprises and makes them more successful.” (p. 30)

At the end of the day, you can make sure that your last thoughts are of Jesus as you fall asleep.

And throughout your day, when you see a flag or a symbol of America, or when the Lord brings our country to your attention,

Dare to Pray, “Draw the hearts of this nation back to your, Lord.”

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Flash Prayers, Breath Prayers, 7-Second Prayers

pray copy


This is Day 17 of my 31 Days of Writing Challenge called “Dare to Pray.” You can go back to Day One by clicking here.

If you haven’t tried it yet, today is a good day to play the Game With Minutes. To play, we turn every thought to Christ, teaching ourselves to quickly turn a thought into a prayer. If we don’t know what to say, we can bring up what or who is in front of us.

“Lord, speak to them.”

“Make yourself known to them.”

“Let them know You love them.”

“Your will be done.”

These can be called, “Flash Prayers,” Breath Prayers” or “7-second Prayers” because they are so quick;  they can take only a breath or a few seconds to pray. You can have one ready at all times.

The “breath prayer” is simply repeating a prayer phrase that comes quickly to your mind in a given situation. Author and speaker, Jan Johnson,  gives this example of using a breath prayer.

I am afraid of upcoming surgery-Into Thy hands.

I don’t want my job to end–Into Thy hands.

I want this person to love you, but he doesn’t– Into Thy hands.

You can pray,

“I give this to You, Lord.”

“What do you think about this, Lord?”

“Your will be done.”

“Your thoughts, Lord.”

sky flagOver the past sixteen days, we have dared to pray these prayers for our country. These are flash prayers,  “7-second prayers” or “breath prayers.” When we see a reminder of our country, we can be ready with a prayer, God hears every prayer prayed from a heart of love and faith, and He will answer.

Day 1:  Dare to Pray: God Bless America.

Day 2:  Dare to Pray for Divine Safety and protection over the United States of America. Declare that our country abides under the Shadow of the Almighty. He is our refuge and strength according to Psalm 91:1, 2.

Day 3: Dare to Pray for the President of the United States, for our Congress and all national and local leaders. Pray for wisdom and for God to make an entrance into their hearts for His will to be done.

Day 4: Dare to Pray: “Your thoughts are higher than our thoughts, Lord God. Give us your thoughts today about our country, our leaders, and our neighbors.”

Day 5: Dare to Pray, “Lord,  heal our land.”

Day 6: Dare to Pray, “Open our hearts toward you, Lord, that we would hear Your Voice and know your Will for our  lives and our country.”

Day 7: Dare to Pray for teachers everywhere today. What an influence they have upon our children and our youth! Pray that teachers will be open to hear God’s voice and teach His children in love and truth.
Day 8: Dare to Pray, “Holy Spirit, help each one of us to bring You into our thoughts every minute of this day.”

Day 9: Dare to Pray, “Lord, let Truth fill our hearts, come forth from our lips, and reign over the United States of America.”

Day 10: Dare to Pray for pastors. Declare the name of Jesus over this nation.

Day 11: Dare to Pray “Thy will be done in the United States of America, as it is in heaven.”

Day 12: Dare to Pray for families in America to be strong and for hearts to be healed.

Day 13: Dare to Pray: “Let Your love flow through me to others today; this will change America.”

Day 14: Dare to Pray, “Father, get involved in the lives of all I meet today. God bless America”

Day 15: Dare to Pray, “Turn our thoughts to you, Lord.” God bless America.”

Day 16: Dare to Pray, “Thy Will be done in our country today and every day.”

And today,

Dare to Pray, “Let me be a Light in our country today, Lord.”



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Who’s In For 15 More Days of Prayer?

pray copyThis is the Middle Day of my 31 Days of Writing Challenge, Day 16, hump day. After today there will be 15 more. Where will these posts lead us, and what can we accomplish between now and then? You can start here if you need to catch up from Day One.

At the beginning of this adventure, I promised you would find inspiration and motivation to pray. I mentioned the little book called, Prayer, the Mightiest Force in the World,  by Frank Laubach which gave us insights into the why, how, when and where of prayer.

As promised I used quotes and excerpts from the book  to inspire us to pray and to pray specifically for the United States of America.

Nine Notable Quotes from the Past 15 Days

  1. “Enough people praying enough will release into the human blood stream the mightiest medicine in the universe, for we shall be the channels through which God can exert His infinite power.”
  2. “We help God when we pray.”
  3. “People would pray if they knew that prayer can save the world. They are waiting for us to lead the way.”
  4. “Nobody but God knows how often prayers have changed the course of history.”
  5. “If we believe that prayers change the course of history, we will pray more.”
  6. “As a nation thinks,so it is.”
  7. ” The moment I turn to Him, it is like turning on an electric current which I feel through my whole being.”
  8. “I am finding every day the best of the five or six ways that I try to keep contact with God is for me to wait for His thoughts, to ask Him to speak.”
  9. “Our perpetual self-talk–the chatter in our head as we commute, prepare sandwiches, or do exercises–can be transformed into a continual conversation with God.”

Day Six introduced Flash Prayers and this led us naturally into the Game With Minutes which brought us through Day 15. Througout these 15 days, we have used three books by Frank Laubach. I want you to be able to easily order any of these three so here they are with links to Amazon:

Prayer, the Mightiest Force in the World  2012 reprint of 1946 edition. Covers the why, how, when, and how of prayer. Amidst his work with the hostile Moros tribe of the Philippines, Laubach experienced an extraordinary breakthrough of the sense of the Lord’s presence as he prayed.

The Game With Minutes 2012 Reprint of 1956 American Edition. In this book, Laubach urged Christians to attempt keeping God in mind for at least one second of every minute of the day.

Practicing His Presence, 1973. This book is a condensation of other books by Laubach and also includes chapters written by Brother Lawrence who was born in 1611, three hundred years prior to Frank Laubach, yet practiced the Presence of God daily, and moment by moment.

Another important part of the last 15 days has been the Dare to Pray Challenge.

Dare to Pray for America

Pray for america

Since September 1, I have challenged myself and others to continue to pray for America. You can read the Hope for America Challenge to Pray starting here. Throughout the 31 Day Writing Challenge, along with being inspired to pray, I have offered suggestions for prayer for America at the end of each day’s writing. I hope you will join and pray for America every day. We can all be reminded to pray every time we see a flag or a symbol of America. I invite you to share what you see that reminds you to pray. Share in words or pictures on my Dare to Be Happy Facebook Page. Encourage others to pray. I can see a mighty move of God in our country, and I want to be a part of it. I want you to be a part of it, too. Comment here if you are in for the next 15 days. God bless you, and God bless America.

Dare to Pray, “Thy Will be done in our country today and every day.”

Moving Forward

 Moving Forward, we will find out what a “Breath Prayer” is. We’ll have more on the Game With Minutes, and the where, what, when and how of prayer. And every day, we will continue to pray for America.

Continue to Day 17.


Are You Ready to Get in the Game?

The Game With Minutes is simply trying to see how many minutes in a day you can bring Christ into your thoughts for at least one second of every minute. It is the gentle pressure of your will to bring your mind back to Him as it tries to wander away on whatever comes along. By sharing your minutes partnered with the Savior a miraculous, often amazing lifestyle develops.

pray copyThis is Day 15 of my 31 Days of Writing Challenge called “Dare to Pray.” If you are stopping by for the first time, you may want to start at the beginning on Day One by clicking here first.


The Game With Minutes originated with Frank Laubach in 1930. He was a missionary and teacher to the Philippines who created written languages for some of the tribes so that they could then read and understand the Bible. In addition to teaching others the minute-by-minute life with Jesus, he became known as “the father of literacy” being quite literally responsible for teaching millions to read. Others have picked up the mantle and brought Jesus into all of their thoughts. Here’s the beginning of a true story told by Jan Johnson illustrating the same principles as Frank Laubach’s Game With Minutes.

“I told the pastor I’d be glad to pass out brochures door to door. But when he handed them to me I thought, I’d love to go home, curl up, and read a book.

Jan tells of shyly approaching the first door that day and getting ready to hand the lady of the house a brochure about her church and leave. The door was opened by a weary mother with a toddler on her hip. Jan says she stepped into her habit of turning whatever is going on inside her into prayer. She prayed, “Give her patience, God. This little one isn’t potty trained.” When Jan left the house, she was invigorated. She knew that her real task was to pray for everyone she encountered. The dreaded task had become a “fun and interesting experience through prayer.”

“Our perpetual self-talk–the chatter in our head as we commute, prepare sandwiches, or do exercises–can be transformed into a continual conversation with God.”

Let each “annoyance” become a catalyst for prayer. Jan further tells of being annoyed each time she saw the basketball backstop in her backyard. A neighbor had pulled the basket down and broken it. The Johnsons had not taken time to repair it, so every time she saw it, she felt frustration.  This same boy had been battling drug addiction and had been in and out of rehabilitation. One day, a magnanimous idea came to her. Why not use the broken backstop as a reminder to pray for the boy. And she did.

We can take every day irritating events or frustrating circumstances and turn them into life-changing adventures by praying. We can turn mundane events into exhilarating exploits by talking them over with God. Play the Game With Minutes. Bring God into your thoughts and ask Him for His thoughts to be yours.

Dare to Pray, “Turn our thoughts to you, Lord.” God bless America.

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Does It Really Matter?

 Your thoughts can be prayers. When your thoughts are directed to God moment by moment, your whole life becomes communion with God. This is how we become one with the Father. This is how He gets involved with everything that concerns us.

Tpray copyhis is Day 14 of my 31 Days of Writing Challenge called “Dare to Pray.” If you are stopping by for the first time, you may want to start at the beginning on Day One by clicking here first.

Be sure to check out the Giveaway at the end. Deadline to enter is midnight October 15.

 Stuff matters

Today I was speaking with a young man who expressed his success with the Game With Minutes. He said he has often heard people say that Jesus was all that mattered. This had always made him feel condemned because it wasn’t true for him.There were other things that mattered-a lot. He said that Jesus was number one with him. In fact, Jesus was everything to Him, but to say He was all that mattered would be lying.

By playing the game, this young man realized that what matters to him, matters to God. He could bring Jesus into all of his moments, and God would enhance everything that mattered to him. This was immensely freeing for him. He doesn’t see Jesus at a distance pointing a finger at him for thinking of something else. He now sees Jesus close to Him caring about what he cares about. It’s a relationship where Jesus brings life to everything that matters.

What are things that matter to you? Someone very close to you wants to talk to you about these. Play the Game With Minutes today, and see how much better your day goes. You are not alone!

“This game is not a grim duty. Nobody need play it unless he seeks richer life. It is a delightful privilege. If you forget to play it for minutes or hours or days, do not groan or repent, but begin anew with a smile. It is a thrilling joy. Ahead of you lie limitless anticipations”. (Laubach, 1933, The Game With Minutes, p. 28)

Dare to Pray, “Father, get involved in the lives of all I meet today. God bless America”

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