A to Z Scripture Adventure: Z is Zechariah 4:6


Z15By My spirit. By My spirit. By My spirit. By My spirit. By My spirit. By My spirit.By My spirit. By My spirit. By My spirit. By My spirit. And that was ten times. You will want to say this entire verse ten times, ten times on this last day of our A to Z Scripture Adventure, but as you do, pay special attention to those three little words.Three powerful words to live by! As we learn to live by His spirit, we will experience the Kingdom of God on the earth as He intended. It’s not by might, not by power, but by His spirit, says the Lord. Simply put, we can’t do anything by our own strength or our own authority. We just don’t have what it takes to get it done on our own. It is by His spirit that we live and walk in victory, success and productivity, spiritually as well as naturally. We don’t have to do it; He does it!

This potent verse is the perfect verse to wrap up the A to Z Scripture Challenge. As we look back over the prior 25 verses, we can identify a thread that leads us to a life lived by His spirit. Look at this:

A-John 16:24 We pray, we ask God our questions, and we receive joy.

B-Psalm 68:19 We bless the Lord for the benefits He bestows on us daily.

C-I Peter 5:7 We cast our cares on Him, giving Him all of our worries, concerns, and fears.

D-Psalm 37:4 We delight in the Lord, and He gives us the desires of our heart.

E-Psalm 100:4 We come to Him with thanksgiving and praise.

F-John 3:16 We are reminded of His love and His eternal plans for us.

G-We realize that God has given us power, love, and a sound mind, not fear.

H-Psalm 107:20 We receive our healing and our deliverance by meditating His Word.

I-Isaiah 1:19 We willingly obey His voice and the goodness of this land is ours.

J-Luke 1:9 We cast out demons and heal sicknesses as we pray and declare His Word with power and authority.

K-Proverbs4:23 We keep God’s Word in our heart, and His life flows through us.

L-Matthew 5:16 With the power of God in us, we pray for others, and they are healed, delivered, and set free, giving glory to God.

M-Proverbs 17:22 We are happy not because everything is great and everything is going our way, but because He is great, and He is showing us the way.

N-Romans 8:35 We live in His love every day because nothing can separate us from His God’s love.

O-Psalm 136:1 We give thanks unto the Lord.

P-Psalm 106:1 We praise the Lord and give thanks unto Him all day, every day, living a life of praise.

Q-I Thessalonians 5:19 The Spirit of God is like a river flowing; we choose to allow that river to flow by avoiding things that stop the flow such as negativity, selfishness, and strife.

R-Philippians 4:4 We rejoice in the Lord, daring to be happy even if circumstances are contrary to what you want.

S-Psalm 96:1 We sing out of our spirit to the Lord, creating a new song.

T-Proverbs 3:5,6 We trust God, knowing He wants what is good for us.

U-Psalm 75:1 Again, we give thanks unto the Lord.

V-Mark 11:23 We say, we believe, we have.

W-Mark 11:24 We pray, we believe, we have.

X-Psalm 99:9 We exalt the Lord for all that He has done for us.

Y-Matthew 5:14 We let the love of God shine through us.

Z-Zechariah 4:6 We expect the spirit of God to accomplish all that He wants to accomplish in our lives.

And that’s it. Any day that we choose any one of these verses and the action that goes with it, will be a day lived by His spirit. The day that we do this for the entire 1,440 minutes of the day is our perfect day. It is heaven on earth. Each day we yield to the spirit a little more is a better day than the one before it. Let’s go for it! Enjoy the Adventure!

You will find a list of all of our verses by clicking A to Z Scripture Banners at the top of the page. You can print these or refer to them as needed. Keep them close to your heart.

I have so enjoyed spending April, 2015 on this Adventure with you. I hope you’ll come back and visit me here at Dare to Be Happy! Most days, you can be sure I’m meditating one of these verses or some other favorites, and I hope you’ll join me to see what exciting things God is doing in my little world!

I would also like to thank all of the folks at Blogging A to Z Challenge 2015. They did a great job putting this together and encouraging us along the way! I will look forward to joining you once again for the A to Z Challenge 2016. What will be the theme? Let me see. . .

Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z



A to Z Scripture Adventure: Y is Matthew 5:14

YToday someone told me they didn’t believe in God. We were not having a discussion about God. We were simply discussing the pros and cons of killing animals for meat. She wasn’t fond of the idea, but acquiesced that for survival, she would do it. I commented that I felt God had created animals for the purpose of food provision. That’s when she told me something no one has ever told me before. She didn’t believe in God. I had a choice to make. Should I zero in on the casual comment or continue the conversation?

What do you say when someone tells you they don’t believe in God? Although this was not the case, often people will purposefully bring up controversial subjects to antagonize a Christian. All too often Christians can be an “easy mark.”  They are quick to take a stand and defend the faith. There may be a time and place for this if done in love, but letting our light shine doesn’t mean hitting someone over the head with what we believe. We aren’t doing God any favors when we make others feel uncomfortable or on the spot. Remember what Jesus did with Zacchaeus, the tax collector who cheated, and with the woman caught in adultery? He loved them. Matthew 5:14 is spoken with the purest of love.

Y15Can you picture Him looking into your eyes, as you would look into your child’s eyes? He tells you with utmost assurance, “You are the light of the world, a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.” He is expressing His trust in us to be His representatives on the earth. He beseeches us to be the light of the world in His absence. We represent Him. We represent Love. If we can remember this, we will easily avoid debate that sets “us” against “them,” accomplishing nothing for the Kingdom of God. We will never have to convince others of the existence of God when the light of His Love is shining through us.

You know what to do: Say Matthew 5:14 ten times, ten times and let the life of it soak into your spirit. Ask God to show you how to let His love shine through you in every situation and with every person today. You are a city on a hill that can not be hidden.

Check the Prayer Wall, please, and hopefully we will see you for “Z” tomorrow with a nice wrap-up. Remember the Adventure never ends!


Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z


A to Z Scripture Adventure: X is Psalm 99:9

XGet ready for your life to  be changed!

The young man in this video, our youngest son, Jay,  is now 22 and about to embark on a great adventure. He will attend Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California beginning in September, 2015. This in itself is reason for me to “Exhalt the Lord our God, and Worship at His Holy Mountain, for the Lord, our God is Holy!.” Be sure to watch this 12 second video if you want a dose of true enthusiasm!

X15What monumental exploits has God performed in your life? Think  back to your childhood and move forward. Can you discern His guiding hand and His love paving the way to your destiny? Can you identify miracles He has performed in your life? Looking back, can you now recognize each small step He laid out for you day by day. You may have hardly noticed them at the time, but now look how far you have come. Can you attest to the fact that He turned every trial and tribulation into your good? Do you acknowledge how faithful and trustworthy, steadfast and powerful He has shown Himself on your behalf? While meditating this verse ten times, ten times today, exalt His name for all He has done for you. He is worthy of complete devotion. He is perfect in goodness and righteousness. He is our all in all! Exalt and worship Him because He is holy!

Blessings to you as you visit the Prayer Wall to pray for others today! Can we sprint to the end? If anyone has lost enthusiasm for the adventure, can we reignite it for these last three days? I challenge you to do your best to say the “X,” “Y,” and “Z” verses as many times as you can each day. Enjoy the Word of God and all that He wants to say to you through His Word. I know the life of God will brighten your day as you do this, and His light will illulminate the path before you in the coming days.

Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z


A to Z Scripture Adventure: W is Mark 11:24

W W15Three Simple Steps Revealed in Mark 11:24

  1. Decide what you really want.
  2. Pray.
  3. Believe.

And you shall have them.

It doesn’t say believe that you are going to receive them. It doesn’t say hope you receive them, or that you should wish you would receive them. It says to believe you receive them.

How do you “believe you receive them,” and what does that really mean? It means you believe you have it when you pray. It  means doubt is gone, and you enjoy the emotions you would have as you actually experience what you prayed for. It’s that real to you. This is a truth that is contrary to what the mind can accept on its own. The reality of this truth will be revealed as we meditate upon the Word. Jesus is telling us to believe that we have the answer to our prayer now, not in the future.

How can we go from doubt to belief? I have meditated this question almost as much as I have meditated this verse, and I am still searching and praying for that answer. I like to imagine what we could accomplish if we did not doubt.

The following is a list of ways we can build our faith, get rid of doubt, and believe we receive now. Try some of them, and you will find yourself going from doubt to belief.

1.Say the right things. Talk about what you want.

2. Picture it.

3. Say, “It is possible for this to happen.”

4. See the end result. How will you feel when it happens the way you want?

5. Thank God for it in advance.

6. Let your imagination run away with you. Create the image of what you want and go with it.

7.Be positive in all things. Practicing seeing the best of everything, every person, and every situation puts you in position to believe that good can come to you.

8. Meditate the scriptures that tell you God wants to bless you and answer your prayers.

9. Ask God to help you believe.

10. Say, “I believe” ten times. Think about what you believe. Start small, and your belief will build.

11. Realize what an important part thinking has to do with believing. Try substituting the word “think” where this verse and other verses use the word “believe.” The revelation you get may surprise you. It may  surprise you even more when you begin to “think right,” and find that you now “believe right.”

12.Take a step in the right direction. What is one small thing you can do to move in the direction of what you want?

This is a very important facet of your Christian life. I believe that most Christians are living far below what God had intended for us. Have we been deceived by the enemy of our soul to keep us from doing all God wants us to do and having all He wants us to have? He wants us to have the desires of our heart, whether that be health, healing, prosperity, safety, soundness of mind, peace, positive relationships, salvation for our loved ones or any other thing that is in our heart.

As we meditate this verse,  let’s allow Him to take us from doubt to belief in one specific area of our lives. Choosing to get doubt out of the way leads to a life of true adventure.

What a perfect day to visit the Prayer Wall and ask God to answer on behalf of those represented there.

Blessings to you. Three more days together on this A to Z Scripture Adventure.

Enjoy a day of believing and receiving!



Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z

A to Z Scripture Adventure: V is Mark 11:23

VAre you kidding me? You can’t be serious! That’s incredible! Are you sure that’s in the Bible? Why have I never seen that before?

These are all common exclamations you might hear from people who are seeing Mark 11:23 for the first time. Here you find 47 words packed with a dynamic truth that can land you right in the middle of God’s will for your life!

See if you can find the 11 words that epitomize what Jesus is saying to us in Mark 11:23.

 Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says.

Do you hear what He is saying to you?

Whosoever shall say, and shall not doubt, but shall believe, shall have.

And in 3 words:

Say, believe, have.

V15I didn’t say it. My pastor didn’t make it up. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob didn’t invent this idea. Jesus said it! I know you don’t like the idea of “name it and claim it.” I don’t either. In my opinion that is some man’s phrase for making the Word of God sound like something we should run away from. Instead of running away from this verse, I want to run to it, and I have.

I have embraced Mark 11:23 and said it more than any of the other verses except for it’s neighbor, the “W” verse which we shall soon talk about. We know that the person who “names it, and claims it,” leaving God out of the equation will end up spiritually poor.

Jesus gives this beautiful law of faith to all people everywhere. It works for Christians, atheists, Jews, Gentiles, people of all nations, male and female, young and old. It is a truth, a law, a principle to live by. Be excited for those who know this truth, and who also know it’s Source, Jesus Christ, personally. This person can work with Almighty God to say, believe, and have what He wants us to have, and do what He wants us to do for His glory, bringing His Kingdom to earth as He desires.

This is a tremendous verse that can literally change the world. It can change your world. It is far worth every second of time you can spare to meditate it. Give God glory for all He reveals in you through it.

I encourage you to embrace Mark 11:23 and make a difference in your world for the glory of God by saying, believing, and having. Praise the Lord forevermore!

You know what to do on Day 22 of the A to Z Scripture Adventure. Say, think, or sing Mark 11:23 ten times, ten times throughout the day or as many times as you can. Also, please pray for the requests on the Prayer Wall, and think about what you will do on May 1 to continue to put God’s Word in your heart and allow it to come alive in you. The adventure is just beginning!

I have so enjoyed having you on this journey with me.



Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z

A to Z Scripture Adventure: U is Psalm 75:1



U15My relationship with God, my family, my home, my job, my friends, the way I was raised, home schooling my boys, being blessed with the world’s best husband, my children having a personal relationship with the Lord that is taking them throughout their lives, my precious daughter-in-law and granddaughter being added to our family, many adventures, and overcoming opportunities throughout my life. . .this is tonight’s list.

I also have my list of really big things for which I am thankful such as salvation, the Blood of Jesus, and the certainty of heaven. We could spend every day and probably should spend every day being thankful for those things. I have undying gratefulness that I can have a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, and have the Holy Spirit to comfort, help and guide me.

As our “E” verse told us, we enter into His gates with thanksgiving. Our Psalm 75:1 gives us another opportunity to declare our gratefulness to God. What happens when we spend the day being thankful? There will be a smile on our faces and peace in our hearts. The atmosphere around us will be charged with joy, and those we come in contact with will be blessed. As we meditate our verse ten times, ten times, let’s take the challenge today to be thankful for big things as well as the little things we often take for granted.

Just for fun, at the end of today’s post, you will find an alphabetized list of things I am grateful for that I started in May 2013. I’m up for the challenge of rekindling a thankful attitude by being grateful for 3 things every day. For unto you, O Lord, do we give thanks. . .for the big and the little, the tangible, the intangible. You are God of the universe, you made everything within it. We bless your holy Name!

Blessings to you, my friends.

I am grateful for the answers to prayer we are receiving by praying for the requests on the Prayer Wall. We have only five days left in our Adventure. Make the most of it!


Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z











This list is not complete and there are priceless friends and family that may not have been mentioned. I made some just for fun notes as they came to me, and I chose random things that made me smile on a particular day in May or June of 2013. I’m always adding to the list. I suggest you make your own, but until you do, feel free to borrow some from my list to be thankful for.

  1. Airplanes
  2. Angels
  3. Barry Manilow
  4. Baseball
  5. Basketball
  6. Beach vacations: Ocean Park, Summertree, Sands Ocean Club
  7. Bears (live bears)
  8. Beds
  9. Being privileged to be a teacher and principal at AFCA 2001-2006. What an amazing opportunity we had. Words can’t express what those years meant to me. Each student, their parents, and each teacher is like a gem in a treasure chest of memories for me.
  10. Bible, the whole thing
  11. Birth of Jay
  12. Birth of Nick
  13. Birth of Rocky
  14. Blankets
  15. Blue
  16. Books that I can read and hold in my hand
  17. Brother-in-law, Mike came along at just the right time! So good-hearted.
  18. Carrie Adams, dear friend, “nanny” to the boys, most fun night was the dinner show with the teepee and Roy Rogers singing contest.
  19. Carrots
  20. Cars
  21. Cats, especially kittens because I am reminded of Pincushion, my grandmother’s cat who gave us Blackie who gave us Tish and other kittens when we lived in Falmouth, Kentucky. I was 6 to 8 years old at the time. Also in loving memory of Rocky’s first and only kitten. They are  just so cute!
  22. Celery
  23. Clouds
  24. Coats
  25. Dancing when I can get in the groove
  26. David Hagedorn, dearest of friends
  27. Destin, Florida
  28. Diamonds
  29. Direction
  30. Disney world
  31. Dogs, especially Ranger. There is no dog like Ranger, beautiful, smart, and well, he is family. My childhood dogs that I fondly remember were “Sarge” and “Queenie.” Good beagles who gave us darling little puppies to play with.
  32. Emmerson, cutest little one in the world
  33. Facebook
  34. Field trips
  35. First Women’s conference at All Nations with Hope
  36. Flags that remind us of our freedom
  37. Flamingos
  38. Flowering plants
  39. Food, especially apples
  40. For 17 years, I was home with Rocky, Nick, and Jay.
  41. Forgiveness-unlimited
  42. Frank Sinatra
  43. Fresh strawberries
  44. Friends at my work. There are so many great friends at work, I’ll just mention one. Phyllis has enriched my life with her energy, and joy!
  45. Games-I do not have to win EVERY time
  46. Gene and Angie
  47. Giraffes
  48. Goal setting
  49. Gorillas- can be 600 lbs
  50. Gospel Music
  51. Grass
  52. Heaven
  53. Heroes who gave their lives for our freedom
  54. History
  55. Home schooling
  56. Hope
  57. Hope, my dearest of dear friends. (She started our school, and gave me her job.) But more than that, she’s such a beautiful example of what a godly woman should be and what a true friend should be.
  58. Hugs-Can’t live without them! Can’t get or give too many!
  59. Hymns
  60. Ice-Who wants a drink without ice?
  61. Insects-over a million different kinds
  62. Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because He trusteth in thee.
  63. Jay, youngest son
  64. Jelly beans.
  65. Jokes, only clean ones
  66. Joy of blogging.
  67. Just remembered that incredible trip we took to Washington DC, my first year as a teacher at AFCA
  68. Kenny Rogers
  69. Kindness
  70. Larry
  71. Larry and I raised 3 cowboys.
  72. Laughter
  73. Legos-Oh the towers we built!
  74. Long time dear friends Jerry and Pam Watts  who are beautiful examples of a loving, happy, godly couple
  75. Macaroni and cheese because it is comfort food.
  76. Marshmallows-if eating them, this should be done in sweet potato casserole or rice krispy treats or roasted over the open fire. In the square squishy form, it is best to use them to have a marshmallow fight, as my opinion is they are disgusting to eat in that form.
  77. Maryjane, love her so much! She taught me so much!
  78. Minions
  79. Modern conveniences
  80. Morningstar on Friday nights
  81. Mountain streams
  82. Mountains
  83. Musical Instruments
  84. My job
  85. My managers and other leadership team-they are so supportive and basically awesome!
  86. My relationship to God
  87. Nick, middle son
  88. Nieces, Colleen, Cristen, Carrie; so proud of them
  89. Oceans
  90. Old movies
  91. Ostriches
  92. Parents
  93. Peace
  94. Peacocks
  95. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.
  96. Piano Music
  97. Pillows
  98. Pilot Mountain
  99. Pizza
  100. Playmobile cowboys
  101. Rabbits (especially very soft, furry bunnies, but also the wild, eat grass from your yard and hop away when you hear a noise, bunnies.)
  102. Rainfall
  103. Rocky, oldest son
  104. Roses
  105. Salvation
  106. Sister, Ann, best heart in the world; love her laugh; always looked up to her, still do
  107. Sleds
  108. Snow
  109. Snowflakes falling
  110. Socks
  111. Songs Larry has written
  112. Songs my sons have written
  113. Stars
  114. Students at AFCA
  115. Success
  116. Sunsets
  117. Sunshine
  118. Taylor, perfect wife for Nick
  119. Teddy Bears
  120. Thoughtfulness
  121. Turtles
  122. Unsweetened tea with lemon!
  123. Veterans and those in armed forces who preserve our freedom
  124. Waterfalls
  125. Wisdom

A to Z Scripture Adventure: T is Proverbs 3:5,6


A man was walking in the mountains just enjoying the scenery when he stepped too close to the edge of the mountain and started to fall. In desperation he reached out and grabbed a limb of a gnarly old tree hanging onto the side of the cliff. He soon realized if his hands slipped, he would plummet to his death. With everything within him, he cried out, “Help me! Help me!”
But there was no answer. Again and again he cried out, but to no avail.
Finally he yelled, “Is anybody up there?”
A deep voice replied, “Yes, I’m up here.”
“Who is it?”
“It’s the Lord”
“Can you help me?”
“Yes, I can help.”
“Help me!”
“Let go of the branch.”
Looking around the man became full of panic. “What? You can’t be serious!”
“Let go of the branch. I will catch you.”
“Uh… Is there anybody else up there?”

T15Trust! It’s easy to talk about, not so easy to do. In fact, I would love it, if you would write this one for me. Tell me what it means to trust because I am still learning. In May of 2013, I wrote, “Please Don’t Let Me Fall!” I republished it as my “T” in last year’s A to Z Challenge, and this year as I reread it, I realized that I still need help with this. I had an epiphany the year I first wrote about it when I met up with the revelation that God can be trusted because He wants what is good for me. He would never hurt me. Why do I persist in trying to figure things out for myself and trying to fix things on my own?

I recall that after first receiving this revelation, my life got better. I began to spend my days in more conversation with God, talking with Him about whatever was going on. I also came into a life of gratefulness and wrote about it here:“Three Things I’m Grateful For.” I chose three things each day to be thankful for, and thoroughly enjoyed meditating on those things and thanking God for them throughout the day. Peace increased in my life as a result of trust. Because I wasn’t using my time to try to figure things out and to over-think, I had more pleasant productive times with the Lord.

I love Proverbs 3:5,6; it’s been with me most of my life. It’s time to really start living it every day.

It has three magnificent parts to it:

  1. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Let go of the branch. Saying things like, “It’s all going to work out.” “God will take care of it,” and “He will show me the way,” are great ways to show trust.
  2. Lean not unto your own understanding. Our “reasoner” is faulty at best. I can trust Him for the answers instead of my intellect.
  3. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path. Keeping my eyes on Him is the best way to end up where I want to go.

I enthusiastically accept the challenge to get this verse in me in all of its fullness and glory. I like to take each part ten times, ten times* and let it sink in before putting it all together. When we walk in all three parts of Proverbs 3:5,6, we are demonstrating what life in the Spirit of God looks like. Let’s embrace this verse today.

Trust Him, you will not fall!

*What is ten times, ten times?

In case, you are reading the series for the first time, ten times, ten times means every time you think of the verse, say or think it ten times. Do this ten times throughout the day, and you will have said the verse 100 times. By doing this much repetition, you are making a pathway in your brain and the verse will become a part of your life. You will see amazing benefits from this. There is life in the Word and getting it in you will produce life. It takes repetition to get it in you, and you can enhance the effect by singing it, imagining it, praying it and many other creative ways the Holy Spirit will show you. It is well worth the time and effort it takes. If you do not succeed in completing the 100, be assured that whatever effort you put forth will produce fruit. If you cannot keep up the pace of one a day, one a month will also produce fruit. I am continually surprised with how powerful just one verse of scripture can be in enhancing my life. He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Let His life flow through you today as you meditate Proverbs 3:5,6.

And please remember the Prayer Wall. Seven more days to pray.


Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z

A to Z Scripture Adventure: S is Psalm 96:1


After meditating this verse this morning, I tried it. I tried singing a new song. It was not a pretty sound. I laughed. I tried again. I started singing out about how I had been feeling the last couple of days. I had lost some sleep and worked long hours with minimal results. Poor me. Then I sang out how the Lord made heaven and earth and all that was in it. I sang about how He made something out of nothing, and then I sang about how He could take my nothing and make something. It was a new song, and it changed me.

S15Sing a new song as you meditate Psalm 96:1 today.

As we finish these last eight days, can we make a renewed commitment to pray for those who have made special requests. You can find them on the Prayer Wall. Perhaps you can choose one to pray for over the next eight days. If you leave a comment here stating what you are praying for, it would be encouraging. Thank you for sharing this Adventure with me.










Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z

A to Z Scripture Adventure: R is Philippians 4:4


A testimony from a reader who took the “R” verse to meditate in a time of need:

R15“On the way to work this morning, I said Philippians 4:4 about 50 times, and I said it 50 times again on the way home. It rescued me. Here’s my story: Yesterday, I hadn’t had the best day in the world. Negativity tried to overshadow me. Different scenarios played out in my thought life from numerous angles threatening to plunge me into discouragement and hopelessness. I even lost sleep. I hadn’t experienced this type of attack in quite awhile. After saying the verse, “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice,” 50 times, I can’t say I noticed a significant change in my attitude; I didn’t suddenly hear angels singing. All I can say is, at some point I noticed I didn’t feel as negative as I had. I began to feel stable instead of about to fall over the cliff. As it turned out, I had a successful day business wise and still feel stable at the end of the day.  I can’t testify to feeling excited and joyful,  but I feel strong, peaceful and steady. I feel at rest but strong.”

This is a testimony to the life that is in one verse of scripture. All he did was repeat the verse without even trying to get something out of it or do anything special with it. He just said it. The life of God is in His Word. I challenge you to take the verse and say it, think it, write it, sing it. Let it become a part of you. You can do the verse, and you can imagine how the verse is changing you. All of this will add to what God can do through the verse for you, but if you just say it, the door to your answers will open, of this I am sure!

I personally love this verse because it really means, “Dare to be happy!” It means step out and rejoice even if circumstances are contrary to what you want, even if it is not easy to find something to rejoice about. The Word tells us to,”Rejoice!” By definition the word means, “to feel joy or great delight.” Since the Word tells us to do it, we must conclude that being happy is something we control. We dare to be happy. We decide to rejoice. This could sound like praising, or laughing or, it might look like smiling. It might be expressed in singing, dancing or making happy noises. And it might not come easily. We might have to start with simply being thankful for one small thing, one ray of hope. As we focus on the ray of hope, it will increase and joy will flow out of us. We will rejoice.

Dare to be happy! Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice.

Please visit the Prayer Wall.

Have a wonderful day rejoicing.



Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z


A to Z Scripture Adventure: Q is I Thessalonians 5:19


Quench not the spirit.

Q15Of all the verses we have had so far, this phenomenal little four-word verse may be the most important one of all!  Put another way, it says:

Allow the Spirit of God to flow.

We can quench, or we can allow. It’s our choice. We do this every day.

The Spirit of God is like a river flowing; don’t try to dam it up or stop the flow.

What stops the Spirit of God from flowing through us?

Negativity, doubt, fear, worry, selfishness, anger, strife, over-thinking, lack of focus or expectation.

What can enhance the Spirit of God flowing through us? Focus, expectation, praise, thankfulness, obedience, prayer, filling up with His Word, meditating His Word, listening for His Voice, pursuing peace, finding joy.

Quench not the spirit, let the river of life flow through you as you meditate this verse today. Saying this verse ten times, ten times will help keep you in the flow of His life-giving Spirit.

Please take a minute to pray for our friends today! Just check out the Prayer Wall.

I hope you’re planning on taking more time with your favorite verses when the A to Z Scripture Adventure ends on April 30 because the adventure of living by the spirit never, never ends!

Enjoy a life-filled day in the Spirit today!


Blogging from A to Z
Blogging from A to Z