5 Weeks to the Finish Line

Faithful FitnessDear Bill,

I got your message, and I am so glad you got to go on your cross-country skiing trip. As you requested, I will be glad to tell you how I’ve been doing with Faithful Finish Lines. Here are my results for the second week:

Wrote down what I ate every day

5 out of 7 days had no sweets

Added grapes, apples, celery to my diet every day

Added salads twice

Did a .73 mile outdoor walk on Monday

Went to the gym on Wednesday 1.5 miles in 31 minutes on elliptical with interval training

Went to the gym on Friday and did 1.87 miles on the treadmill in 40 minutes. This was when I knew I was going to make it!

Went to the gym on Sunday and did 1.62 in 30 miniutes on the treadmill.

And the big news is I signed up for the

Myrtle Beach SC – The Color Rave Electric Santa Snow Glow Run – December 6, 2014

Now that is BIG news!

While you’re on your trip, Bill, be sure you’re getting enough protein. As you know I’m a big fan of quinoa, one of the best sources of protein in the world. I’m also adding some string cheese to my snack list.

I’ve never experienced anything like Faithful Finish Lines. I consider this plan and this group with Sara and Jill and the other girls a marvelous answer to prayer!

Something else Sara told us  to think about is “incorporating a meaningful mission into our Faithful Finish Lines goal.”  My mission personally is to get healthy, lose weight, and gain more energy. Sara is suggesting that we find a way to reach outside of ourselves and do something for someone else within that mission.

Who can I help through doing this? Should I donate a can of food for each mile walked, (counting each week’s totals) or should I give a mile of prayer to certain individuals? I don’t know about this yet. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

runnerNow here’s what I’m super excited about: “My Top Ten Verses to Run With.” Some of these verses I’ve known and meditated for years; others are not quite as familiar. Each verse leads to the next so the path is easy to follow. I take one verse for a tenth of a mile or more and meditate it as I run/walk.

This gives my mind something to do, and strengthens my spirit while my body is working out. Just thinking about it makes me want to go walking. So follow the path these verses take you on. I know you’ll be glad you did. Hurry back! I’ll look forward to hearing about your progress as well!

Your friend,

Dr. Sharon

My Top Ten Verses to Run With

  1. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
  2. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Nehemiah 8:10
  3. Ask and you shall receive that your joy may be full. John 16:24
  4. Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe you receive them, and you shall have them. Mark 11:24
  5. Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, ‘Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea,’ and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things he says will come to pass, he will have whatsoever he says. Mark 11:23
  6. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge, my fortress, my God in Him will I trust. Psalm 91:2l
  7. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.
  8. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee because He trusts in thee. Isaiah 26:3
  9. Commit your way unto the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.
  10. Delight in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your 5 . Psalm 37:4


5 More Verses to Run With

  1. If you abide in Me, and My Words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you. John 15:7
  2. Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10
  3. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7
  4. It’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. Zechariah 4:6
  5. For He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Psalm 91: 11, 12


6 Weeks to the Finish Line

Have fun reading the story about Dr. Sharon and Bill’s first week of Faithful Finish Lines, then pick up you gift at the end of the story, and consider leaving a gift for someone else in the comments.

Dr Sharon3Last week, Bill came to see his doctor and friend, Dr. Sharon. He was concerned about his appearance in a recent vacation photograph and appealed to Dr. Sharon for help with his problem. Fortunately, Dr. Sharon had run across the help they needed in a blog called Faithful Finish Lines where Sara Borgstede promised to lead the group in achieving fitness goals they set for themselves. She would use a common sense approach with faith, exercise, and goal setting as her method of operation. At the end of the appointment, Dr. Sharon gave Bill a pat on the back and said, “I’ll sign us up, Bill, and when I find out what we are suppose to do first, I’ll give you a call.”

Faithful FitnessAs promised, Dr. Sharon called Bill and gave him the weekly guidance from Sara.

“Here’s what she says to do, Bill. Write this down. Three words: Food Log and Movement. That’s it.”

“Food log and movement. Got it. What does it mean?”

“It mean write down what you eat, whatever it is and get moving. Walk, run, dance, any kind of movement or exercise just do something and do more than you usually do.That’s all we do the first week. Then there’s just six more weeks to go. We are going to cross the finish line on December 23!”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Bill, let’s meet on Monday, November 10th to talk about what we accomplished this week, and then make a game plan for Week 2.”

“Yes ma’am! I’ll look forward to it”

A week later, Bill sauntered cheerfully into Dr. Sharon’s office.

Let’s go to the snack room, Bill. I think we’ll be more comfortable there.”

food logThey sat down at the small table and Bill started off by absentmindedly reaching his hand into the bowl of celery sticks on the table. “Well, here’s how it went for me,” he announced proudly. “I did like you said, I wrote down everything I ate, and I started moving. I ran 12 miles a day, and I lost 12 pounds. I have measured my arms and they now measure 2 inches more of solid muscle.”

Dr. Sharon looked at Bill in astonishment, “Bill, what on earth are you talking about? What you have said is utterly impossible. My results were nothing like that, and I was quite pleased with myself.”

“Don’t let that disturb you, my friend. Keep in mind that I am a fictitious character and fantastic results can happen to the fictitious!”

“I see your point,” Dr. Sharon acquiesced. “Well, here’s my results: I wrote down everything I ate. My greatest day for sugar intake was Saturday when I succumbed to the persuasion of 2 cupcakes, a brownie, a zinger and 2 and a half cookies. I also ate some celery that day. I went to the gym twice during the week and walked in the neighborhood three other days building up to 1.2 miles. I weighed this morning, Bill, and just one week after starting Sara’s program, the scales were down .7 pounds. Considering that I am not a fictitious person, that’s pretty good for me!

“Those are pretty impressive results! So, how do you feel, Dr. Sharon?”

“I feel great, Bill! I believe this is a program I can really stick with. There’s a lot of support in Sara’s group, and of course it’s good to be working with you, as well, Bill. You’re really encouraging me in this.”

“Glad I can return the favor, Dr. Sharon, and now what do we do for Week 2?”

fruit “This week, Bill, we add fruit and vegetables to our diet. I have already discovered the more good foods I eat, the less attraction there is to bad foods. We are suppose to keep moving, and I am going to keep writing down what I eat. Seeing all of that sugar on my list last week clearly showed me where my real problem was. Adding the fruit and vegetables are going to be the solution to that problem. We’re also suppose to set our fitness goal by the end of the week.”

Bill stood up to leave, “Mrs. Sara is a genius, isn’t she, Dr. Sharon?”

“I believe you’re right, Bill. Of course remember the title, Faithful Finish LInes. Without faith. . .”

“It is impossible to please the Lord,” Bill finished the well-known verse.

“I have faith, Bill, that we are going to lose weight, get healthier, have more energy, and please the Lord all by following Sara’s Faithful Finish Line.”

“I’m with you, Dr. Sharon. I’m already looking forward to having my picture taken on the beach at my next vacation.”

“Me too, Bill. I’ll meet you back here next week, and we can talk about our success at adding fruit and vegetables to our daily food intake. I’m expecting great things from you. I can’t wait to hear what you say you accomplish.”

“I’m excited about it, too, Doc. I really think I’ve found the secret: have fun, make progress, count your successes, and. . . if you are a fictitious character, you can make up whatever you want. But Doc, in your case, you better stick to reality.”

“I know you’re right, Bill. I’ll do that. See you next week!”

Be sure to check in next week, to see how our friends are progressing!

Here’s the gift I mentioned: It’s a thought you can take with you.


Count your small successes.

They will be the building blocks for reaching higher goals.

In other words, don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back and say “Good job!” Have fun!

Please leave a word of wisdom or encouragement for someone else as your gift.



7 Weeks to the Finish Line

While completing the 31 Day Writing Challege in October, I stumbled upon another exciting opportunity. I had been praying about my next step in reaching my yearly goals, and I have found the answer as you will read about here. Come join the fun.

Dr Sharon3“Bill, nice to see you, Is it time for your yearly check-up, already?” Dr. Sharon asked as she warmly shook Bill’s hand and motioned for him to sit on the end of the examining table.

“No, Dr. Sharon, it’s not time yet, but I came to see you about this!” Bill carefully pulled something out of his pocket and hesitantly opened his hand for her to see.”

“It looks like you had a nice time on your vacation.”

“Look closer, Doc! Don’t you see it? Surely you would be able to guess why I am here after looking at that!”

“I’m sorry, Bill. You seem distressed. What am I missing here?” the doctor asked.

big man“50 pounds!” Bill shouted. “Don’t you see it! It’s right there! I’ve got to get rid of it, and I’ve got to get rid of it right now! You’ve got to help me, Doc. I’ve got to get rid of 50 pounds!”

Dr. Sharon soberly shook her head, “Bill, I hear what you are saying, but you know I deal in matters of the heart. I was able to help you when you were feeling hopeless, and I helped you when you were in fear. I even helped you when you felt so good you had thankfulness flowing through your veins, but losing weight? I don’t know about that. That’s not my specialty. In fact, I could stand to lose a few pounds myself.”

Bill looked alarmed, then he looked solemnly down at the picture as she returned it to him. “Dr. Sharon, you’ve been my friend and doctor through all of my trials and joys for the last two years.  I thought you would be here for me in the hour of my greatest need. I guess I was wrong.” He sadly turned toward the door.

“Wait, Bill,” Dr. Sharon reached out and touched his arm. “I may know someone who can help us.” She went over to her desk as Bill cautiously tilted his head toward her with a glint of hope in his eyes. She sat down and began moving her fingers agilely over the keyboard. “Here it is,” she yelled jubilantly as she turned her laptop to show Bill the screen. “Here’s the answer for us, Bill!”

Faithful Fitness

Faithful Finish LInes

Bill looked at Dr. Sharon suspiciously. He had never seen her so excited, so unprofessionally excited. “Uh, Doc, what do you mean? What are you talking about?”

“I’ll tell you what I mean, Bill. You and I are going to get fit and lose weight. We are going to have our picture taken at the beach, and not only are we going to look awesome, we are going to feel awesome! Bill, we are going to feel better than we have ever felt. We are going to have more energy, more youthfulness, and better health. Did I mention that we are going to look awesome, too, Bill. What do you think of that? No more being embarrassed when we see ourselves in a picture. No more deleting selfies because we look overweight, no more unbuttoning our pants at the dinner table because we are uncomfortable. We are on to something big here, Bill, and our friend Sara is going to help us every step of the way, and I do mean step!”

on the beach

“I don’t know about this, Doc. I haven’t exercised in years, and I’m used to eating whatever I want whenever I want.There’s no way this will work for me. It’s just not something I do. It will be painful, and you know I don’t do pain. Why, I’ve been in here whining about every little thing; you surely don’t think I could go through a rigorous training program and start counting every milligram I put in my mouth, do you? Well, do you?”

man exercising

“No, Bill, now that I think about it, I really don’t think you could do that, or would do that, and I wouldn’t ask either of us to do that. But look what she says right here:

“I promise this won’t be a strict, harsh program, but fun, invigorating, and exciting. You will feel successful and motivated as you head into 2015.”

Bill brightened somewhat. “Fun, invigorating, exciting. Now you are talking my language. Okay, if you think she can help us, I’m in. Let’s do it! What’s the first step?”

Check in with us next week to see how Bill and Dr. Sharon take the first steps toward the Finish Line. You might also enjoy reading Sara’s 31 Days of Weird Faithful Fitness.


I’d sure love to hear your experience with weight loss and/or exercise. What’s one tip or word of encouragement you have for us? As you can guess, we need all we can get! Have a great week and keep moving!


And here’s a word of encouragement for you:

Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. Mark 11:24

Consider this:The way to control what you believe is to control what you think.

I’m also linking up with Coffee for Your Heart with Holly Gerth.


The Man Who Couldn’t Write, Part 2: Diagnosis and Prescription


The original article has been broken up into two parts now for your reading pleasure. If you’ve  read this, then you already know the diagnosis and prescription, please leave a comment. Knowing what you think, helps me be a better writer, and Lord knows we need all the help we can get. Now for Part 2 of “The Man Who Couldn’t Write: Diagnosis and Prescription.” Thanks for reading.

Bill visited Dr. Sharon’s office for his yearly check-up, but expressed his concern that he had some “secret disease” that was keeping him from fulfilling his dream of writing. She begins a thorough exam and then gives Bill the prognosis.

She leans in and checks Bill’s ears, then his pupils, nostrils, throat. “Bill, I see it now. You’ve been trying too hard. You somehow have come to believe that you aren’t as good as others you’ve read. You question whether you have anything of value to say. You’re focusing on yourself and what others will think of you instead of just being yourself.”

“Wow, Doc, you learned all of that from just checking my eyes, ears, nose, and throat? That’s amazing. What else did you see in there?”

“Bill, I can see that the very root of it is a fear of failure. We’ve talked about this before. It’s listening to the wrong voice, it’s a voice of discouragement. I’m going to give you a prescription, and I want you to continue to take this for the rest of your life. Don’t let more than one day go by that you don’t take it. Can you do that?”

“Well, that sounds like a tall order, but if it means I can keep writing, I’ll do it.”

“Bill, you’ve just given yourself the prescription I speak of. Keep writing.”

“But, but, but Doctor Sharon. . .”

“I know, Bill. You think that your problem is you can’t write, but it is actually your solution. That is often the case. The solution is found in the problem. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it this way, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.” If you can’t talk, talk. If you can’t pray, pray. If you think you can’t do something, do it anyway. You will be amazed at what happens. Keep in mind what my friend, Joyce Meyers said, “No matter how difficult it would be to do the thing we are afraid of, it would not be as difficult as being afraid of it all of our lives.”

“Let me get this straight, you want me to keep writing? Almost every day? No matter what? And that is going to cure me? Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, absolutely! Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain! And tell yourself you can do it. It’s going to be important to stop listening to the voice that says you can’t, then go ahead and do it. This applies to anything in life, Bill. You can share this with your readers if you like. Everyone has fears, Bill. They need to hear what you have to say.

What is the worst that could happen? They might tell someone that they have just read the worst thing they’ve ever read, and people will come right over and read it to see what could be so bad. Or as you have already learned turn your fear inside out. The best thing that could happen would be thousands of people read it, and are encouraged by it, but what if just one person is encouraged, wouldn’t it be worth it for that?

And, Bill, by the way, don’t try to do this by yourself. Ask God for His help, His wisdom, His strength, His inspiration. With that you cannot fail! How do you think I got to be such a great doctor?”

“I’ve often wondered that myself, Dr. Sharon. I will do exactly what you said. After all what is the worst that could happen? See you next year, Doc and thanks!”

Today’s Verse:  Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10
What is it that you fear, and do you agree that doing it anyway with God’s help would cure you? Please join the discussion by clicking the comment icon by the title, and let us know your thoughts.

The Man Who Couldn’t Write: The Examination

Dr Sharon3“Bill, come in, come in. I see it’s time for your yearly check-up. I know you went through a lot last year. How are you feeling?”

“Dr. Sharon, It is good to see you. You are right last year was rough at times. I faced hopelessness and fear, and then remember the time I came to you because I was feeling too good and people were looking at me strangely? You gave me great advice and I recovered rather quickly each time. I suppose you know I have since started my own blog where I share some of the ideas you taught me. It has been fairly well received, Doc, but sometimes I wonder if there isn’t still some secret disease that you haven’t cured me of yet. Do you think that’s possible?”

“Well, Bill, I am surprised to hear you say that. I had the impression everything was going well, and you were just here to help keep your insurance premiums down by getting the routine check-up. What are your symptoms?”

writing2“I’m embarrassed to tell you this, Doc, but, well, uh, I can’t uh, write.”

“What?” she exclaimed as she dropped the stethoscope. “Bill, I saw you writing when you checked in and filled out the forms, the nurse asked you to fill out. Are your hands shaking, do you think you have arthritis, pain in your joints?”

“No, ma’am, but sure enough, I might have authorwriteus! I can’t write! Every night I sit down to write 500 words. . .You see, I’ve taken on the 500 Word Challenge with a great bunch of people called Tribe Writers in which we all  try to write 500 words every night. But what happens to me is I start typing, then stop, then think, type, erase, type, think, type, erase. It’s just no good anymore! I can’t write! I’m helpless, hopeless, and going nowhere, accomplishing nothing. Is there anything you can do? I used to have so much fun writing, and I have the feeling I could really say something that might help someone, if I could just think of something that would be worth reading. I want it to be short, and funny, powerful, and life-changing.”


“Hmmmmmm, let me take a closer look.” Dr. Sharon leans in with her otoscope and peers into Bill’s ear, muttering her customary, “Mmmmmhuh,” leaving Bill wondering what in the world, she is seeing in there.

Read “The Man Who Couldn’t Write: Diagnosis and Prescription” to find out what Dr. Sharon saw and what diagnosis and prescription she offers for Bill’s disease.

What would be your best guess at what his problem is? Have you ever had a problem doing something you wanted to do as if there’s an invisible grip on you that prevents you from doing what you want to do? Join the discussion by clicking the comment icon to the right of the title and tell us what you have faced. Maybe, just maybe, Dr. Sharon can help, as she helps Bill in “The Man Who Couldn’t Write: Diagnosis and Prescription.”


When the Bad Feeling Doesn’t Go Away

Dr Sharon2“Dr. Sharon! Dr. Sharon! Dr. Sharon.” Bill rushes past the receptionist desk and into Dr. Sharon’s office where he finds her with her feet up, sipping a diet coke, with a book in her hand.

“Bill, what are you doing? I’m on a break between patients. Is this an emergency?” she inquires as she puts her feet on the floor, straightens her white jacket and smooths her hair.

“Yes, you’ve got to help me. Sorry to barge in, but I’ve been reading ‘Dare to Be Happy,’ you know the blog that everyone is talking about by Sharybary. The one from yesterday got me so excited. I knew I had found the answer! It was called, let’s see, what was it? The lion, the witch and the ditch? No, that’s not it. The hump, the bump and the barrel?”

“I read it,” the doctor replied. ‘The Bump, the Ditch, and the Cliff.’ Good reading. I think she may be onto something.

“Well, yes, that’s it. I thought so, too, but then I woke up this morning and I felt bad. Something at work was bothering me. It was just a bump,  and I tried to do what she said. I tried to think about Jesus, and relax and enjoy the day, but that bad feeling didn’t go away. I tried to figure out what I should do about this work problem, and I kept feeling worse. Why didn’t this work for me? If it didn’t work for this little bump, what’s going to happen when I fall off of a cliff.  It sounded so easy when she said it. As a matter of fact, all of this stuff sounds so easy. What’s wrong with me, Doc? Why isn’t it working for me?

hill1“Bill, sit down. The truth is, it’s not easy.” Bill’s faced looked glum, but she continued, “You see it is very easy to start sliding down a steep hill, isn’t it? You can land at the bottom in just a few seconds with no effort at all. When you turn around and look back up the hill, it’s not such an easy task to get back up there. You might even need some help. If you’ve got a friend that knows you’re down there, they could go for help, or throw you a rope, or send a helicopter. . The first thing to do when it seems too hard to get over the bump, or out of the ditch or to get help when the cliff looms ahead, is to realize you are not alone. Find someone to talk to, someone to pray with you and encourage you. Don’t just tell them your problems, but ask for help, and then listen, really listen, weigh it out, and if it seems right to you, follow their advice.

The second thing you need to do is put one foot in front of the other. Just do one thing to get you started up back up that hill. Like she was saying, you want to look to Jesus and take a step in the right direction. Your first step might be to smile, or find something to laugh about, or meditate a verse of scripture, or it might be to do something related to the problem to get you moving. Even if Jesus looks far away, you will do far better to look up to Him, than to look down at your feet, where you have landed. Remember, it is the resistance to get up the hill that strengthens your muscles. Are you understanding what I am saying?”

“Yes, ma’am. So it’s not as easy as it seemed when I read the story?”

step4“No, Bill, often times it is not easy. I don’t think she really meant to imply that it is. She just likes to be all upbeat and everything to get people’s minds off their problems. It’s a pretty good place to start, but she really knows it’s harder than it looks.  God has so much for us to do, more hills to climb. She kind of gets excited about telling folks they can live a happy, and successful life, so they don’t stay in one place any longer than they have to. She doesn’t mean to minimize the pain, or the struggle, or the value of it.  She knows the meaning of adversity, and she knows God has brought her through many things. She feels the more we can focus on the solutions and God’s power working in us, the sooner the victory comes.”

“How is it you know so much about what she was trying to say?” Bill asked.

“I know Ms. Bary personally. We have had long talks in the middle of the night, Bill.”

“So what’s your advice, Dr. Sharon?”

“Bill, keep reading the stories she writes. It’s good stuff. And even though it’s hard, get your eyes on step5the Lord and off of your problem; trust Him for the answer. That’s a good word for anyone.  And don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. Just like you did today.”

“Okay, Doc! Thanks. I think I understand, now. I can do this. Thanks for encouraging me. Hey, if you’re talking to Ms. Bary, please give my regards.”

“I’ll do that, Bill. and would you send the next patient in, please? Have a nice day!”


The Other Side of Fear

  fear1“Doc, thanks for seeing me today! Do you have any idea how long I had to wait in line. Do you know the line to get in here is wrapped around the building. People have lawn chairs out there. I personally started a conversation with a guy near the door and kind of just slid in line with him. I just had to see you.”

“Now, Bill. You didn’t have to go to such drastic measures as to break in line. I’ve sent word out that I’m not leaving today until everyone has been seen. It’s an epidemic. It is contagious, and we have to put a stop to it.”

“So, Dr. Sharon, all of these people have the same symptoms that I do? There must be over five hundred people out there.”

“Bill, are you having difficulty sleeping, do you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Sometimes you break out in a cold sweat? You have general feelings of despair and anxiety?”

“That’s exactly right. It seems to be getting worse, not better. What is it Doc?”

“Well, Bill, it’s been around for a long time and it does seem to be becoming more widespread. One thing leads to another. Naturally the more you share with others about it, it gets worse for all of you. It’s a thing called FEAR, and it’s rampant in the world today.”

“What can you do for me, Doc? This is awful!”Female doctor checking man's blood pressure

“I would like to try a drastic procedure on you, Bill. It is guaranteed to work and the great thing about it is that it is also contagious. The more you share it with others, by talking about it, they too can be relieved of their symptoms. Eventually they will have to have the same procedure, but just from being around you, they can have temporary relief of their symptoms.”

“What is so drastic about the procedure, and what are the risks, Dr. Sharon.”

“What we are going to have to do, Bill is to take the fear and turn it inside out.”

“That sounds serious! How do we do that?”

“Well, Bill. Here’s what we do, you take a good hard look at what is making you feel afraid. Then you ask yourself, ‘What if this doesn’t happen? In fact, what if the opposite happens? What if something completely good happens? What would you do if the opposite of something really bad that you feel afraid of happens? And how would you feel if something opposite of something that is making you feel afraid of happens?’ Do you understand what I am saying to  you, Bill” Dr. Sharon says as she looks into Bill’s bewildered face.

“So all I have to do is figure out what you just meant by what you just said and do it? And I will be fine?”

“Bill, there are two more treatments that follow the first one, but they go hand in hand. After we get your fear turned inside out by thinking about the opposite of it and feeling how you feel if the opposite happens, then you starve your fear.”

“Oh no, that I can’t do, Dr. Sharon. I have to eat three meals a day plus snacks. Starving is not in my vocabulary, just not possible, no way.”

“This starving I’m talking about, Bill is just refusing to add more thoughts to the thing you fear. Don’t let it run away with you. Feed the opposite, giving your thought time and energy to the good that might happen. Picture it, smell it, taste it and talk about it. Do not feed your fear, and it will die of starvation.”

“Well, as long as I can eat my Big Mac. I’ll try that. What else, Doc. I need a cure that will last me a lifetime.” fear3

“The last part of the treatment is to simply live your life in the present. Enjoy the moment you have in your hand. Live it to the fullest. It’s a gift. Make the most of the moment you have, and you’ll have no fear of the future.”

“Pretty drastic steps, do you think I can do this?”

“I know you can, Bill, and you must. When you are cured of this, others are going to want to know how you did it, and you are going to save the world one person at a time. In addition, take a healthy dose of scripture verses ten times a day until your symptoms are completely gone, and then continue to take them for preventive measures. You’re going to be fine, Bill. Send the next patient in, and please pay the receptionist on your way out.


A Thankful Heart

thankful1Warm blankets, electric lights, toothbrushes, hot water, Bible, devotional books, all my books, make-up, hair dryers, clothes, closets, shoes, sweaters, food, computers, televisions, refrigerators, plastic bags, eyeglasses, keys, and I haven’t left the house  yet. So much to be thankful for, so little time.


“Well, I am surprised to see you here again so soon.” Dr. Sharon smiles at her patient who has arrived on time for his appointment. “What seems to be the problem? You look the picture of health! I believe you are actually glowing!”

Physician Talking to Patient“Well, Doc, I do feel fabulous. I can’t stop the bubbling feeling I have inside that something wonderful is going to happen. I just thought you should check it out and see what’s going on. People are starting to look at me strangely like something is wrong with me. I’ve had complaints about my singing, and they say I am smiling too much. It makes them nervous, so I thought the least I could do was see what’s causing it. I haven’t felt this good in years and frankly if you and I could bottle it and sell it, I think we both might become millionaires. How about it, Doc? See what’s going on.”
“All right, let me have a look,” pressing down his tongue with the tongue depressor. “Say, Ahhhhhhh.” Well, I will have to tell you, I don’t see this kind of thing very often.” Dr. Sharon takes out the stethoscope and listens to the heart. “Hmmmmmmmm.” And again, “Ahhhhhemmmm. Yes I do hear the singing there as well. I’m going to take a little sample of your blood and see if anything unusual is there that could explain your high level of well being?”

The doctor leaves the room and returns an hour later with the report from the blood sample. Well, it’s there all right. You definitely have thankfulness running through your veins!”

“What? Would that really cause this euphoric feeling I am having?”
“Ythankful5es, you see, just like blood takes oxygen to your body’s organs and tissues and keeps them healthy, thankfulness takes life to your spirit keeping the “real you,” your spirit healthy and full of life. And keep in mind, another function of the blood is to carry away waste from the cells. Thankfulness will carry away negativity and flush it out of your spirit, just like blood carries the waste to be flushed out of your body. You are definitely doing the right things to build up your spirit by being thankful throughout your day. I highly recommend that all of my patients start the day being thankful. Thank God for every thankful6convenience and blessing you can think of before you get out of bed. I also suggest that you try to breathe in and out thankfulness all day long for everything you see and experience, for every person that is in your life and those you meet each day. Then start with the intangibles like love, joy, peace, and faith, and then take it a step further to thank God for all of his attributes. When your body acclimates to this new way of living, you will have a truly thankful heart.”

“This is great, Dr. Sharon. I think I am  having a major spiritual breakthrough here. Is there anything you can prescribe to enhance what’s going on here. I feel like I could live forever. ”

“Get plenty of rest and continue to take ten of Psalm 37:4 ten times a day, take the nutritional supplements listed below along with the Word of God as needed, and I believe you will indeed continue to live a happy and successful life.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise:

be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

Psalm 100:4

thankful4Click below to replenish your spirit with these “nutritional” supplements:

Increase Your Happiness Build Gratitude Chains

The Gratitude Chain

There is Always Hope!

doctor1“Hmmmmm.” The doctor looks into the patient’s throat.  “Uh, huh,” she mutters as she shines the light into the ear canal. And listening to the heart, she murmurs again, “Ahhmmmm.”

“What is it, Doc, is it serious?” the patient asks anxiously.

“Well, let me listen to your heart one more time. Ahhmmmm. Just as I thought. . .it’s your thoughts.”

“WHAT! Are you crazy? It is NOT my thoughts. I know exactly what I have been thinking, and it is NOT my thoughts. I have these terrible symptoms, and there simply is no way that it is my thoughts. My thoughts are my thoughts, and my symptoms are my symptoms. That is ridiculous. Where did you even get your license to doctor, anyway?”

The doctor glances over at her degree on the wall, raising an eyebrow, and looks back at the patient. The patient looks over his shoulder at the framed degree and then back at the doctor. “Well, maybe there was this one little thought that came to me this morning when I looked into my bank account. So what if for a moment I was wondering if we would have enough to make it until the next paycheck. Everybody does that.”doctor4

The doctor patiently requests, “Would you tell me your symptoms again, please”

“Well, I just started feeling down early this morning right after breakfast, and then it got worse. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and then outright depressed.”

“Hmmmmmm. And when was it you looked at your bank account balance?”

“Well, it was right after breakfast, but I. . .”

“I see, and what else have you been thinking about today?”

“Well, I haven’t been thinking about it, but my kids are in trouble, my kitten ran away, kitten2I may lose my job, and I’m not getting along with my wife, but I haven’t been thinking about any of that. Then of course, I did for a minute have a tiny thought about the situation in the Middle East and the state of the economy, and my football team lost again last night. Just because nothing, absolutely nothing is going right in my life, doesn’t mean I’ve been thinking about it. Tell me the truth, Dr. Sharon, am I going to die? Is there anything you can do for me?”

“Yes, you probably are going to die. . .eventually. And there is absolutely nothing I can do for you. I wish I could, and I wish I could do something for all of my patients.” Looking wistfully away, “I wish I could give every one of you clean and right thinking.”

“So, doc, there’s no hope for me, then?”

Dr. Sharon looks surprised, and her face brightens some, “Oh, there’s hope for you all right! Think about that for a minute. I’ll be right back.”

When the doctor returns with a diet coke, and one for the patient, she is greeted with a smile, “Doc, there is hope for me and there is hope for the world! My bank account is not completely empty, and my kids are going to be okay. I’ll put up posters to find the kitten. I’m probably not going to lose my job this week. My wife is a sweetheart, and she’s a good cook AND no more watching the news for me! I feel great! Doc, you’re a genius! Have a good day! I’ll see you at the racquetball club!”

Dr. Sharon rubs her chin, and shakes her head.

kitten 1Now sure enough, we are going to have some negative thoughts. Sometimes, there’s very good reason to have them. The kitten really does run away or something much worse happens, and you just can’t get your hope back. That’s what God is for. That’s why He gave you family and friends and His Word and fun, encouraging things to read. There’s always hope!

Have a really great day!