The Man Who Couldn’t Write, Part 2: Diagnosis and Prescription

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The original article has been broken up into two parts now for your reading pleasure. If you’ve  read this, then you already know the diagnosis and prescription, please leave a comment. Knowing what you think, helps me be a better … Continued

The Man Who Couldn’t Write: The Examination

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“Bill, come in, come in. I see it’s time for your yearly check-up. I know you went through a lot last year. How are you feeling?” “Dr. Sharon, It is good to see you. You are right last year was … Continued

A Thankful Heart

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Warm blankets, electric lights, toothbrushes, hot water, Bible, devotional books, all my books, make-up, hair dryers, clothes, closets, shoes, sweaters, food, computers, televisions, refrigerators, plastic bags, eyeglasses, keys, and I haven’t left the house  yet. So much to be thankful … Continued

There is Always Hope!

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“Hmmmmm.” The doctor looks into the patient’s throat.  “Uh, huh,” she mutters as she shines the light into the ear canal. And listening to the heart, she murmurs again, “Ahhmmmm.” “What is it, Doc, is it serious?” the patient asks … Continued