Daily Dare: Dare to Resist Negativity

flag4Where did hope go? Why is doubt nagging at me? When I first felt inspired to pray for our country in the month of September, I was filled with hope. I began to believe that if enough of us got back the image of a nation under God, that it actually could come to pass. On the third day, today, to be exact, discouragement knocked on my door. When I answered it, Discouragement said, “It’s too late. You should have started this years ago. Your country is so far away from this ideal that not even an act of God could bring it about. It is not going to happen.There is so much negativity from both sides, there could never be enough unity and faith to get it done. It’s not even God’s will for it to happen.”

I know I shouldn’t have answered that door, and I asked myself why would I fall for the trap of discouragement after dancing in hope for a few days! The answer came with the realization that I have continued to feed my curious mind with posts, blogs, news articles and youtube videos concerning the current conditions of the world.

If I am going to let faith rise up, I’m going to have to give it room to grow with the Truth from the Word filling my mind and heart. I must keep the door tightly closed from the insidious negativity of the media. Today’s dare is indeed daring. I’ll need your encouragement to be able to do it. I am giving myself zero tolerance for reading articles, blogs, posts, or watching youtube videos depicting any reference to national or international news for the next 24 hours. You must decide if you want to join me in this endeavor. If you are enticed to allow negative input into your mind and heart to the degree that it affects your hope or your faith, then perhaps you should join me. Along with resisting the negative, we continue to pray as we are reminded whenever we see our flag or our colors. We pray in faith with hope and joy rising up to declare God’s goodness over our land through His Son Jesus Who gave himself a ransom for us all.

Daily Dare: Dare to resist negative input and when you see a flag, or when you see red, white, or blue, declare the goodness of God over this land. Declare that hope, grace, mercy, and strength rise up in His people, and declare that the United States of America is one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all!

I would love to hear what God is saying to you as you pray. Let’s encourage one another. Please leave a comment about some of the words God has given you as you pray.



Daily Dare: Dare to Believe

American_Flag_and_EagleThe plane pitched downward at six hundred miles per hour. The hard ground came rushing at its passengers. Then the plane suddenly made an upward sweep and, though increasing in altitude, weaved recklessly through the sky as if no one was at the controls. Another downward pitch and then up again, it swerved wildly in the sky. Just as it seemed it was the final lunge toward the earth, unseen hands took the controls and deftly righted it, allowing it to soar skillfully to higher altitude, straightening its course, and proceeding silently toward its destination.

What had happened? What had changed the course and saved the plane and its passengers? Prayer.

The plane is our United States. Needless to say, there is much unrest, confusion,and division in our land. We may never agree on all of the issues, and it may seem like we are headed for a crash landing. When enough of us pray in faith, God will take control and lift us up above the turmoil bringing us into our rightful destination as One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Daily Dare: Dare to believe that God is in control, and He is lifting us up into our rightful place as a nation under God. Every time you see a flag today, declare that you believe He is in control.




Hope Through Prayer: The Daily Dare

plegeIt is not over! Millions of people are praying for America! There is hope for America!

A few days ago, I was perusing my favorite social media venue expecting humorous and inspirational posts when instead I was inundated with ominous warnings of imminent attack and predictions of dreadful world events to come. Christian leaders that I respect were calling for prayer, yet I was left  with nagging fear and potential despair.

Following the advice of my youngest son for the second time this week, I went to the Lord to “get His perspective.” “Ask Him for it, and He will give it to you,” my son encouraged me, so I went to the Lord. Once again, the advice paid off. In the early morning hours, it came to me that “It was not over.” If God was calling His people to pray, then He was ready and willing to answer those prayers!

So lets get to it! I’m daring myself and others to pray for our country every day in September. What shall we pray? So many people pray like this: “God bless America! Everything is going downhill. We have terrible leaders, terrible crime, terrible injustice. Please help us, God.” These prayers can seem more like complaints than prayers and are prayed out of fear instead of faith. We must pray the answer we want for our country, and we must pray it often and in unity and authority. When we do this, our prayers will be answered!

Then how do we pray? The words I suggest we pray have been with us since 1892. The words of the pledge to our flag contain the declaration and prayer that if prayed with faith, joy, and expectation will bring back the country we love: One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


My part in this nationwide initiative is simply to post inspiration and reminders daily for us to meditate and pray. I call it the Daily Dare. It will be a way to remember to pray and declare God’s goodness over this land. It’s just a small part, but I pray that like the loaves and fishes, God will bless what we give Him. Many thousands of prayers will go up in faith, and we will rise up like a mighty giant across the land. Be encouraged. Pray and believe. God bless the USA!


The Daily Dare: Every time you see an American flag today, dare to make this declaration a prayer:  We are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! Add your own positive prayers for the safety and protection of our country throughout the day. In the comments here or on Facebook, if you dare, post approximately how many flags you counted today. God bless America!




As I researched the question, “Who’s praying for America?” I was happy to find so many websites dedicated to this mission. Pray for America is the one that excited me most.  As you join me in praying for America, you are joining millions of others!