Jay’s Journey and Almost There

Rocky and Jay covered 557 miles today and will arrive in Redding tomorrow after about a 3 and a half hour drive of 198 miles! They’re almost there!


Traveling from Provo, Utah past the Utah Lake, through Salt Lake City, today the guys discovered Bonneville Salt Flats just before crossing over into Nevada. Looks like snow, but it’s salt, tons of salt laid out across 30,000 acres of land! There are no speed limits, and vehicles can drive across the flats any time, Of course our travelers had to try it at 65 mph (that’s as fast as the jeep would go, fortunately.)

These adventurers of ours have kept moving forward consistently over the past six days. They didn’t take many side roads or detours. They moved forward and kept their eye on the destination. From what I could tell, they enjoyed every site, scene, and experience along the way and took each day as it came. That’s three principles I want to grasp in my life:

  1. Move forward.
  2. Keep my eye on the destination.
  3. Enjoy what the day brings.

GetAttachment (2)Jay wrote more about his journey in his blog “Searching Still.” He talks about his journey to accept himself as God does. Perhaps no one knows better than Larry and I how far he has come in accomplishing this. In his writing, Jay encourages each one of us to realize how much God loves us. As Jay says, nothing is more important than this!

As you can see by clicking on this map, they are almost there. You, too are almost there. You are almost ready to accept that God loves you just the way you are. He has a destination that you may not even know about yet, but you’re already well on your way, and many of you are almost there.


I found this quote in some notes I had saved from over a year and a half ago and it’s my thought for today. It’s from Kristi who blogs at “Angels, Pirate, and Thieves.”You’d really enjoy reading about life with her three sons.

For your week… may you be encouraged in the quiet moments of your days.  May you be someone’s needed smile at just the right time.  May you be the kind words that need to be heard.  And may you be the stillness and reflection of God’s amazing love to those you meet.

Happy Travels!

Jay’s Journey and Still Proud to Be An American

As Rocky and Jay cross America, this great country has been on my heart. Today they traveled from Columbia, Missouri straight across Kansas and are spending the night in Goodland, Kansas, They have covered 1559 miles and are having a great time! The most surprising sights today were the miles of wind farms they passed. You can read more about wind farms here. These powerful wind turbines produce electricity and bring millions of dollars into the economy of Kansas. As the wind produces power,so our prayers produce power, and the more we can generate for this great country of ours, the sooner we can make a difference!

Wind Turbines

One year ago today, August 31, 2014, I began a series called “Hope Through Prayer: The Daily Dare.” Throughout the month of September that year I posted a dare every day with some inspiration to encourage us to pray and believe that America could once again be “One nation under God.” I encouraged readers to pray for America every time they saw a flag. I still do this. Do not lose heart. Keep praying. Revisit the “Hope Through Prayer” series if you would like. You can find the beginning of it by clicking here or you can read one of my favorites here: “Dare to Love.” Be sure to play the sound of the flowing water. It can remind you of the power of prayer just like the wind turbines.

I wrote this on May 4, 2014 and never published it. I hope it inspires you to be proud of America again and to pray for her every day. I truly believe it’s not too late!

It’s not too late! Let’s do it! Let’s bring back the love we have for our country. Let’s stand proud and stand tall. Tonight I was privileged to attend a show here in Myrtle Beach. It was the “One” show at the Alabama theater. At the end, as expected there was a patriotic finale. Unexpected, was the feeling that rose up within me. I AM still proud to be an American. So many of us have been discouraged, disillusioned, disheartened. We don’t have to be! We can love and pray this country back to her rightful position. Sing it! shout it, Pray it! God bless America! God bless the USA!

The guys will be arriving in Denver Monday morning and will spend some time there with one of Jay’s friends who was also in Germany with him two years ago. They will go through the old west town of Cheyenne, Wyoming. They have 1449 miles ahead of them before arriving in Redding. As we travel through our day today, let’s see how much prayer power we can generate!

Have a wonderful day!

jay and coffee