(First published January 2013)

I am a very happy person. I have every reason to be, and I choose to be. You will soon find through reading my articles that I want every person to be happy. I believe with all of my heart that God created us to be happy and to spread His joy to every person we come in contact with, hence making the world a happy place to exist while growing and learning and inhabiting the earth for His glory.

There have been nine major events in my life that I consider milestones. I counted them because I recently received a charm bracelet, and I had to make a list of the charms I want to receive over the next nine Valentine’s Days.

about2The first Major Life Event, without a second thought ,was when I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of five in my grandfather’s church. I was no longer afraid to gAbout13o to sleep at night, and this one major event is, without a doubt, the most important one of all. Everything else in my life is built upon this foundation. Fast forward through many happy childhood days in a very loving family who taught me by words and example right from wrong, good from bad, smart from stupid, wise from unwise etc. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Ann.

About10Meeting, dating, loving, and marrying Larry was the second Major Life Event. Fast forward through my first job as a special education teacher in a public school and partnering with Larry in a network marketing business which taught us tons about life and gave us valuable lifelong friendships, but left us with only a little change in our pocket but great change in our self-image, growth in our spiritual life, and  the way that we looked at life in general.

about4Those were truly important events, but the third major event was the birth of our first son Rockford Manley Jordan. What a life-changing glorious event that was, and it led to the greatest joys of our lives in helping and watching him grow into the fine man he is. No one could care more for his family and develop lifelong friendships like Rocky does. He is loyal, full of wisdom, compassion, witty humor, and talent which he uses for God. He has a heart for worship and leading others to a closeness with God through worship and he can do anything he sets his mind to.

about7Fast forward through the first six years of his life and the beginning of homeschooling to the birth of our second son, Nicholas Sterling Jordan as the fourth Major Life Event. Now Rocky has a little brother and the family seems complete. Nick adds to the joy of the family. Over the years, he has been an amazing example of making life look easy and fun because he just flows with it and trusts God. Our life was truly enriched having the two boys, but apparently God felt we were not complete.

about5Just twenty-three months after Nick was born, He gave us Jay Christopher Jordan, as my fifth Major Life Event. Our friends laughed because we felt unprepared for a third child. God laughed because He knew what joy would be added to the family. His name means “quick and lively,” and he still is! He is quick to follow God and dedicated to having all God has for him and being all God wants him to be. He has, since birth, been alive to all that was going on around him, seeking to put the most into it and get the most out of it.

about6Keep in mind, that all through these Major Life Events, Larry and I are as close as any two people could be, continuing date nights almost every Friday night, going through life stuff, praying and praising our way through as best we could while loving and nurturing our three boys and each other.

The sixth Major Life Event for me was taking the step outside the home and becoming a teacher, and later principal, of the school sponsored by our church. Much like home school, forty students from twenty-five families met to get a Christian education while seeds of God’s word were daily planted into their lives in order to give them the foundation they would need to be leaders in a changing world. During this time, I was privileged to have my life changed and enriched by the students, their parents and dear friends who taught alongside me.

about3The seventh Major Life Event could be described in a page of its own, but it was our family move to Myrtle Beach. It was the greatest, clearest directive either of us had ever received from the Lord. It was miraculous and challenging and has proven to be the best thing we could have done to step higher into God’s plan for our lives.

about9All five of us made the move to Myrtle Beach, but Rocky found out he did not love the beach and soon went back. Nick also made his way back to North Carolina later after his graduation from high school, which leads to Major Life Event number eight. We finally get a daughter. We welcomed Taylor into the family as Nick’s bride. They literally “met” in the nursery at church and grew up together. We are so proud of the life they have started together. This precious marriage is such an example of love, friendship, devotion,  joy, expectation and trust in the Lord.

Event number nine was the birth of our precious grandchild, Emmerson Laine Jordan. Born on March 21, 2013, she brought great joy into our lives, and we are ecstatic about being a part of her life as she grows and becomes all that God has planned for her to become!

Through all of the nine events and all of the other lessons, events, and adventures in between, God has been our Everything! Nothing is more important to me than that my children and their families love and serve God all the days of their lives. For without Him we would be nothing at all.

about12The tenth event, not yet fulfilled has begun through these writings. It is the completion and publication of a book called Dare to Be Happy. It’s purpose is to challenge Christians and others to find the courage to reach inside of them and have the life that God intended for them to have. Being happy is a challenge. There are multiple roadblocks and hindrances that are designed to prevent us from being truly happy, yet in actuality they are our stepping stones toward the life of joy God has planned for us and made possible through His Son, Jesus.  Do we dare step out and overcome our difficulties and enjoy our journey here on the earth? I have taken that dare, and I invite you and others to do the same.