What Are You Doing in the Hole?

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“911? Is this 911? Hello, I was calling 911.” “Yes, this is 911, may I help you?” “YES! HELP! Come quickly! I’m in a hole!” “Yes, ma’am, could you spell your first, middle, and last name please, and what is … Continued

What to do When You Mess Up

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Have you ever said something and wished you hadn’t? Or done something and wished you hadn’t? Have you hurt someone unintentionally who you wouldn’t have hurt for anything in the world? Have you lost precious minutes because of letting your … Continued

Lower the Temperature, Keep It Cool

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Do you feel the pressure rising on the inside of you. Your thoughts heating up? Steam building like a pressure cooker? Thoughts rolling around causing you to spiral almost out of control of your imagination? Someone was unfair to you. … Continued

Looking for Treasure

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A ship carrying a cargo valued at $3 billion has recently been discovered after having been ship-wrecked over 70 years ago. There is likely to be a battle as to who gets to keep the treasure if it is successfully … Continued

Let Go of the Package

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Let go of the package. I think it has been held on to for far too long. You have worried about the same thing over and over and you have let it keep you up at night and take away … Continued

Three Things I’m Grateful For

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Does being grateful affect our happiness? Can we use gratefulness to dispel darkness, lack of energy, lack of vision, or lack of hope? That is my theory. I’m ready to test it! This project was inspired by a fellow blogger … Continued

Shortcut to Success

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  “Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of popularity or profit.” Or is it? suc·cess /səkˈses/ NounThe accomplishment of an aim or purpose. The attainment of popularity or profit. Synonyms hit – prosperity – luck … Continued

30 Days to Happiness: T is for Trust

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Please Don’t Let Me Fall! Trust Exercise # 1 Choose someone in the world that you “trust.” Ask them to catch you as you totally fall back into their arms. This is a team-building exercise often used in group encounters … Continued

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