Wait for Me, I’m Your Leader!

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Recently someone I respect very much received a well-deserved promotion. A colleague and I were discussing why this person is so successful. We concluded that she was successful because she cares about the success of others. The fellow who is … Continued

Your Thoughts are the Steering Wheel

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Nothing at all happens without a thought. A thought is the beginning of every action and attitude. Without a thought we would say nothing, do nothing, and go nowhere. Our thoughts are the steering wheel of our lives. Which way … Continued

And Away He Goes

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I’m dealing with some unexpected feelings that I think I’ll talk about here just in case it might surprise or help someone. I stated earlier today that I have feelings of joy, happiness, appreciation and expectation, however I didn’t expect … Continued

Wear Your Thoughts Right Side Out

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Sometimes we find ourselves thinking the wrong thoughts. Sometimes our minds can come up with all kinds of things that could go wrong and all kinds of things to. . .well worry about. That is just like wearing our clothes … Continued

Shhhhhh. . . You’re Entering the Quiet Zone

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Busy, busy, busy. Thoughts keep coming at you like rush hour traffic, Our minds are so busy constantly looking for answers and solving problems and thinking this and thinking that. Thoughts rush in from all sides. Our enemy certainly tries … Continued

What Are You Doing in the Hole?

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“911? Is this 911? Hello, I was calling 911.” “Yes, this is 911, may I help you?” “YES! HELP! Come quickly! I’m in a hole!” “Yes, ma’am, could you spell your first, middle, and last name please, and what is … Continued

What to do When You Mess Up

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Have you ever said something and wished you hadn’t? Or done something and wished you hadn’t? Have you hurt someone unintentionally who you wouldn’t have hurt for anything in the world? Have you lost precious minutes because of letting your … Continued

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